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31 Days: Color – Day 24: Purple Harlequin Necklace

Well, hello! Happy Monday! Once again, the weekend came and went, and I got a little more behind on my 31 Days projects. I did some reflecting on it, though, and aside from just busy times (and Halloween coming up – more on that later), I think I’ve figured out part of the problem. Last weekend and this weekend were PURPLE projects. I like purple – I mean, I love color in general, and there aren’t any I dislike – but I’m more drawn to reds or blues, even with projects. That’s the power of color – when I have a million things to do to catch up over the weekend AND the project I’m supposed to be working on is purple, I’m more likely to procrastinate. (Which is unfortunate, as purple is associated with creativity, wisdom, and peacefulness. It probably doesn’t help that 2 (this and this) of the 3 purple projects I’ve done this month haven’t turned out like I wanted them to, either.)

Also, it’s hard to sit down and make something when your workspace looks like this:


Let’s just remember that it used to look like this:

hoosier workspace

And it will look like this again. In November. Promise. But for now, I’m finishing up my rainbow of projects and working on Halloween costumes for our family. Want a peek?

Halloween costume prep

I love dressing up as a family (this was us last year), so when BB decided he wanted to be Toothless, BG decided to be Astrid, and the rest just fell into place. (Confession: I just chose which character I’m going to be on Saturday, right before I went to JoAnn’s to buy fabric. Note to self: don’t go buy fabric the weekend before Halloween. Everyone is there buying fabric for costumes, and it’s crazy. CRAZY! The guy cutting fabric was hilarious, though, and made the whole thing much more interesting. He told me about his Halloween costume – Edward Scissorhands – and the costume he designed and sewed for a his friend – a harlequin!)

harlequin necklace

So Sunday, before BB and I got to work on costumes, I cleared a little corner of my workspace to make a necklace. I’ve been wanting a purple necklace if only for the fact that on days that I’ve been trying to wear purple this month, I haven’t really had many choices. A necklace would have been a quick solution. But guess what? The wooden diamonds from this bracelet are the only purple “beads” I have.

harlequin necklace

I played around with a few different color options (didn’t want just purple) and settled on a mix of purple and brown.

Purple Harlequin Necklace

And then, surprise surprise, I totally LOVE it. These colors look so pretty together, especially on this delicate silver chain.

Purple Harlequin Necklace

(Made me think of the harlequin costume.)

Purple Harlequin Necklace

I’m going to be sad when these wooden beads are all gone. I love the necklaces I’ve made with them so far.

Purple Harlequin Necklace

I’m going to have to list a few of them in my Etsy shop, though. I can’t keep all of them. But I’m going to keep this one.

wooden bead necklaces

So tell me, which do you like better – simpler and one color, or bigger with alternating colors? Just getting ideas for what I will make next. (And of course by “next”, I mean in November. When my desk is cleared off again.)

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small button

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5 thoughts on “31 Days: Color – Day 24: Purple Harlequin Necklace

  1. They’re both good but for totally different reasons. I think you should offer both in your shop.

    Matching the brown to the purple was inspired – I’d have never thought of that. It didn’t go with the gray top very well (my opinion only). I bet it would be dynamite with a bright pink top.


  2. That’s too bad you’re procrastinating on purple days. In hindsight, you probably should have dropped the color out if it’s causing you to skip days. Although (again, my opinion only), I think that might be a bit simplistic. I think the truth is that you’re busy with a young family and everything that goes with it. Only so many hours in a day. . .


    1. I think it’s a combination of many things, but I think I would be a little less likely to get behind if it happened to be a different color. Almost done!!


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