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31 Days: Color – Day 23: Blue Casual Friday

OK, a little behind the scenes at the blog:

The way I like to do posts is I like to create and photograph the project in an afternoon (if possible – some are much  more time consuming), then edit photos and write the post that night after the kids are in bed. Then I schedule it to post the next morning at 6:00AM Pacific Time. If I wake up early that morning (like this morning at 5:18, thanks to Molly, the cat), I like to read through it one more time and add any details that popped into my head overnight. (It happens. Sometimes I dream about projects.)

That’s why, during months that aren’t October, I like to stick to a 3 days a week schedule – Monday, Wednesday, Friday. (I love Five Things Fridays – I’m really missing those. I’ve got a slew of things to post about once the first Friday in November comes.) Because, by Friday afternoon, my brain is fried. Up until last week, we had swim lessons (in an unheated pool – gotta love California in the fall), school, choir, and soccer all on Fridays. So all I really want to do Friday afternoon is scroll Facebook, look at pretty pictures, and watch some funny videos. (If we had a TV, I would be vegged out on the couch watching lame afternoon TV. Do they still play old game shows on cable in the afternoons?)

And I’ve been missing making jewelry. It’s my favorite, but I think 31 Days of Jewelry could get boring – even for me. But today (which is really Friday, even though this will post on Saturday), I just wanted to make something simple and pretty .


So I dumped out all the blue beads I have and made something.


With my emphasis on color this month, I have really grown to love monochromatic (and analogous) colors. (Oh my! I just searched Google Images “analogous colors” – well, that’s a lot of fun! I know what I’ll be doing next Friday during nap time. Just kidding, that’s Halloween, I KNOW I’ll be finishing up costumes. The next week, I’ll jump down the analogous colors rabbit hole.)


These sets of blue beads are just slightly different shades, and I love them together. I strung them on sterling silver wire and made a quick and easy necklace.


The Casual Friday of necklaces, if you will.



And just like that, blue is back to being my favorite color.

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This post is part of a 31 day series. Find all the posts in this series here.

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7 thoughts on “31 Days: Color – Day 23: Blue Casual Friday

  1. Very pretty! They do a great job of emphasizing the colors in your shirt and jeans. I think switching it up to do some jewelry was a great idea. You’ve had some good variety this month – clothes, clutches, jewelry and even the clothes have ranged from repurposed clothing to making your green skirt from scratch. You should be proud of yourself!

    I have to agree, I’ll be glad to drop back to blogging a little less frequently. Only one more week to go (although I’m behind one post, but that should be easy to catch up).


    1. Thank you, Nancy! Your encouraging words have really pulled me through this month. I’ve fallen farther behind this week, but I’m really hoping to catch up before Friday! Good luck on this final week!

      1. You’re welcome. I have enjoyed seeing what you did and how you did it and am so glad I met you through the challenge.

        If you have to go into the first week of November to get 31 Days done, so what? A year from now, no one will look at the dates to see if you finished exactly on October 31. But you’ll still have posts you’re proud of.


  2. I love this necklace! So simple but gorgeous! And I have to thank-you for all of your posts, it has been really inspiring to see you move through the month with all of your projects.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! It’s been fun to have you following along. Just popped over to your site – you’ve got some fun projects going on too! Love those new earrings.


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