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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

First up, thanks for being here. I haven’t been around here much lately, but this week, I posted more than I have in a couple of months, and it was fun. I really miss blogging. I love planning posts, editing photos, writing out my thoughts and my stories. I have long had a theory about input and output – consuming and producing – and I feel more balance when I’m doing a healthy portion of both.

It’s also fun to read comments and messages from you on Facebook. My One Little Word this year has been CONNECT – and connecting with you is what I love most about this.

So I’m planning to be back in this space more regularly. To share ideas, to connect, and to have a way to keep me accountable to MAKE THINGS. Because I am a much happier human being when I am producing and not just consuming.

Here are some things on my mind this week:


1.This Pandora Station. I haven’t switched over to my favorite Pandora Christmas station yet. I’ve been waiting until December 1st (Today! Happy December!) to start decking the halls. But the mornings have been dark and cold, so I’ve been turning to this station for a quiet, relaxing way to start my morning.

2. This house tour. It’s a manufactured home that has gotten a real hands-on, DIY treatment. You know I love a good makeover project, and this one is filled with inspiration and so many details to love: the pantry! the lockers! the ruler-clad bar in the kitchen! So many good ideas. Enjoy!

3. Clueyness. I loved this. And I got teary no less than 3 times while reading this. (Note: language!)

4.This book. I finished it last week on the plane (after I watched this movie, which I loved). It was this month’s selection for book club, and it prompted lots of good discussion. It took a bit for me to get into it, but there were some good takeaways. Here’s one:

dreamers and doers shonda rhimes

5. This made me laugh. And I don’t even consider myself a wine connoisseur.

What are you up to this weekend? Besides “decking the halls”, I have a fun Trivia Night fundraiser to attend, and that’s about it. Looking forward to Family Movie Night by the twinkle of Christmas lights, lighting candles, and just relaxing with Husband and the kids. Hope your weekend is full of warm, peaceful, cozy, inspiring, funny moments with those you love. It’s the most wonderful time of the year….


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Happy Accident Light Fixture

This isn’t really a project. It’s a happy accident.

I’ve never really liked the master bathroom light fixture that came with our house.


You can barely see it here in the photo from this post about painting our bathroom. It’s an oil rubbed bronze fixture with a bit of an Arts and Crafts flair and amber colored globes, similar to these:

amber globe-001



And I liked it even less after we painted the bathroom last summer. In contrast with the bright, light gray, the glass – even when freshly cleaned – just looks dingy, dirty, and yellow.

But I’m not going to change the fixture until we embark on a full bathroom remodel, and that’s not in the budget this year. Or possibly decade. (We just got an estimate to replace all of our windows. Holy Bleeding Bank Account, Batman! I had no idea!)

So, my plan was to find clear or milky white replacement globes at Home Depot, but I hadn’t made it to Home Depot yet to look.

Then, on Monday, I saw a paint smear on one of the globes. Now, I have recently discovered that magic of nail polish remover in taking off stray drops of paint from a variety of surfaces. You have to be VERY careful, because acetone will totally remove the finish on many things, smear paint, and make a gigantic mess, but so far, using a light hand, I’ve been able to clean up many a random paint spill with a cotton ball and polish remover. So, I flipped off the light, removed the globe, and started cleaning it.



The nail polish remover actually took off the amber tint!


That’s not dirt, folks – the globes were fairly clean. It’s taking the finish off the glass!


I spent about half an hour scrubbing the inside and out with acetone-soaked cotton balls, and it worked! Clean, slightly milky white glass light fixture globes. FOR FREE!

Now, I may have killed a few brain cells along the way, but…




Now my light fixture looks fresh and bright and it makes me smile every time I flip the light switch. Happy Accidents for the win!

PS – I just remembered that I’ve quoted Bob Ross before in this post. I’m going to repost this video here because, well, it is still fantastic:

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Everyday Vintage 11.29.17 – Sweater Vest Edition

Welcome to Everyday Vintage, my weekly-ish roundup of how I incorporate vintage finds into my everyday life. 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here and I haven’t taken many photos, but here are a couple of ways I’ve worn vintage this week – and they both include sweater vests! Mark my words, sweater vests are making a comeback – a great way to add a layer in the fall and winter.


My Thanksgiving outfit: a 70s oatmeal sweater vest paired with a striped longsleeved tee, jeans, and leopard flats


How cute is this with the little front pockets?


Vintage navy collegiate-style sweater vest layered with a long chambray tunic, jeans, and those leopard flats again


Also vintage: this late-80s/early-90s Dooney & Bourke bag. I’m pretty sure I had one like it when I was in middle school. :)


Speaking of sweater vests and things I probably wore in the 80s, I found this beauty – PINK! WITH HEARTS! AND HORSES! It’s going to be listed in my shop this week, along with a collection of vintage pieces that are perfect for the holiday season. You can check in there and like my shop’s Facebook page for updates when new items are listed.