31 Days · Color

31 Days: Color

31 Days: Color (Beautiful Objects)

Yes! Let’s do this!

I love October. I love it almost as much as my beloved September (which only has a slightly higher ranking because of my birthday). I love pumpkins, crisp mornings, and tall boots. I love football, fall leaves, and Halloween costumes.

And I love 31 Days.

I realize that my 31 Days (2012 here and 2013 here) aren’t really writing on a different topic as much as it is a kick in the pants to get a lot of projects done in a small amount of time. There’s usually a theme – a loose one – and this year will be no different.

I’ve just finished up a small run of projects all about white – about how I’m breaking the rules and wearing lots of white after Labor Day.

neutral sweaters and clutches

But now I’m ready for some color.

And then last weekend, looking around my house, I realized that I’m ready to do something completely different. I love neutrals – don’t get me wrong – but I need more color. The living room needs some new life – not to mention it looks almost exactly the way it did the day we moved in. Adopted California Father brought in artwork and rested it on the mantle until I could decide where I wanted it to go. It’s still there.

So this month (after the Rummage Sale, of course), I’m going to work on adding splashes of color to my life – clothes, jewelry, and home – and learning more about the science and art of color along the way.

And, because I love a schedule, I’ll be creating in rainbow order. Now I know the correct spectrum is ROY G BIV, but let’s be honest – if I’m not wearing neutral, I’m probably wearing dark blue, so I don’t need so many blue projects. And, in honor of my Rainbow Writing kindergarten teaching days, I’m going based on that old song:

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

These are the colors of a rainbow!

Starting out the gate with a fun RED project tomorrow, I’ll cycle through the rainbow 5 times this month, ending with a rainbow-colored project at the end.

As always, life happens, so if I miss a day, I’m going to have a little grace for myself. No pressure, just fun! (And if you’d like to receive email updates of my blog posts, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your email address and click subscribe.)

What about you? Are you doing 31 Days? Have you ever? I think the only reason I can even imagine doing 31 Days this month is because I’ve already mapped out my posts. Do you prefer to just do things willy-nilly, or do you like to have some structure to what you do, some boundaries or a schedule? I’d love to hear.


Read all the posts in this series below:

Day 1: Red – A Different Kind of Shirt Dress

Day 2: Orange – Orange is the New Orange

Day 3: Yellow – not so mellow!

Day 3 (continued): Yellow – and a little more mellow

Day 4: Green House Necklace

Day 5: Blue Prairie

Day 6: Purple Nemesis

Day 7: Red Skirt Dress

Day 8: Orange Vroom Pillow

Day 9: Yellow Fruit Juice Necklace

Day 10: Green Fail

Day 11: Peacock Blue Dress Shirt

Day 12: Purple Long Dress

Day 13: Red: Diamond in the Rough

Day 14: Orange – Yep, I Put a Bird on It

Day 15: Leopard (that’s yellow, right?) Clutch

Day 16: It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green

Day 17: Blue Water and Blue Jeans

Day 18: Practice Makes Purple

Day 19: Red Gingham Boy (shirt) Meets Girl (sleeves)

Day 20: Rust and Warm Fuzzy Memories

Day 21: Mellow Yellow Clutch

Day 22: Green Oxfam Dress

Day 23: Blue Casual Friday

Day 24: Purple Harlequin Necklace

Day 25: Red Letter Days

Day 26: Prom Dress Skirt, The Rust-Colored Version

Day 27: Yellow Birthday Necklace


 color button 100


6 thoughts on “31 Days: Color

  1. Too funny – when I was browsing through the 2013 posts, yours was one of the ones I read over. I love Twyla Tharp and her insights into creativity. I don’t remember if I “liked” any of the posts – hopefully I did.

    Your topic is interesting again for this year. I look forward to seeing what you do. I agree with Magazine Mom that the button is really cool.


    1. That is funny! I love Twyla Tharp, too – I feel like every time I read that book, I find something new. Thanks for stopping by – looking forward to your 31 Days also!


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