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hello! {sheepish wave} and 31 Days

So, yeah, see that post down below? The last one I published? I see that the date says July 5th, but I’m thinking, come on, there is no way it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve typed a single word here.

But then I think back to the last few months, and I realize, of course, I haven’t posted, because I’ve been doing this:


and this:


and this:


and, honestly, it feels like all I really do is this:


(Yes, that’s my gas light illuminated – a pretty common occurrence lately, and no, I’m not snapping a pic while in a moving vehicle, Mom – I’m stopped at a red light. I’m nothing if not a rule follower.)

So, that’s right! We moved!

The move was just across town, but moving “just across town” with little kids is like saying, “I did a race, but it was just a marathon.” (Incidentally, it’s a phrase, it’s safe to say, you will never hear me utter.)

It was hard. I’m not gonna lie. There are many stories for other days, but know that it’s been a long, painful process – of finding “the one” and then not getting it, and then doing that over and over again. Heart-wrenching and exhausting and depressing. But we did find the one. And then we then had to box up a million things (and keep said things in boxes, not have them taken back out again by little, curious hands) and get them moved. The whole thing, this house hunting process of well over a year, really kicked me in the tail and set me back in most areas of my life.

But guess what. It’s almost October. Do you know what that means?

31 days nester

31 Days is coming. Woohoo!

31 days button

Now, if you were around these parts last October, you know it was loads of fun. I linked up with The Nester and did The Thrift Project, with a fairly large, new project almost every day, sewn in little snippets of nap times here and there, and blogged about until the wee hours of morning. And it was awesome – truly, I loved it.

But I don’t want to do the same thing this year. I don’t have so much nap time anymore. And to be honest, I haven’t even found my sewing machine since the move. So I’ve decided to try something a little different.

In the utter chaos of the past few months, I have done nothing creative. Really. I have unpacked books and sort of placed them on shelves. I have shoved boxes labeled “Bathroom Stuff” into the bottoms of closets to be dealt with later. I have just survived.

I miss the creativity. I miss writing here, yes, but most of all, I miss making stuff. I miss planning a project and seeing it through to completion. I miss using my brain in a completely different way.

So when I started thinking about how I want to use the gift of 31 days, I wanted it to be most helpful for me. And what I’ve found is that making stuff is really helpful for me.

paisley circle-001

So I’m going to be blogging every day in October about Creative Habit. My goal is to spend a little time every day making something. I thought about specifying a month of jewelry or a month of home projects (heaven knows, I need to do home projects) or a month of thrifted projects. But I need it more simple than that. I just want to set aside a time to make stuff every day.

I’m going to use the entire month of October to cultivate one habit: creating.

Want to join me?

You can follow along and get daily posts emailed to you by clicking “Follow” in the right hand column. You can also Like “beautiful objects” on Facebook, and you can even see some of my inspiration on Pinterest.

If you’d like to do your own 31 Days project, get more information from The Nester here.

Let’s do this!


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