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31 Days: The Thrift Project – Day 1: Costume Jewelry Statement Necklace

This is part of a 31 day series on thrifting.  Read more about 31 Days: The Thrift Project and see all the posts linked up here.

I love thrifting. And I love thrifting jewelry best of all.  I like to collect a pile of costume jewelry, ready to be made into something new.  Costume jewelry is the best.  Big, bold, colorful pieces that make a statement. I love the possibilities.

This first jewelry project for “The Thrift Project” is a simple one that doesn’t require tools.  Or even a tutorial. It is just combining old pieces to create a new, unique piece.

The next time you go thrifting, look around at the jewelry.  See what catches your eye.  I especially like to look for chunky necklaces, brooches, and big clip-on earrings. Buy several pieces that you like, but you don’t even need to have a plan yet.

Gather all your pieces and start playing around. You might want to pull pieces from your regular jewelry collection, too.

Start layering necklaces, adding pendants (or clip-on earrings to create pendants).  Mix and match.  My rule of thumb is the bigger the better.  More is more!

I played around with a few pieces, and these were my favorite creations.

Clip-on earrings and a “pearl” necklace

A single clip-on earring and a beaded necklace

Layering a green double strand necklace with a blue single strand

Since I have lots of pieces in my costume jewelry “miscellaneous” box, there will be several more jewelry DIY posts this month.  Stay tuned!


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