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“If you try to keep us down, we’re gonna come right back”


OK, this is a denim skirt project. And while I was trying to come up with a clever title to this post (resisting the urge to call it “Blue Jean, Baby Queen”), I was thinking back to great moments in my personal denim history. All I could think of was that acid washed “jean jacket” I had in 5th grade, onto which I pinned NUMEROUS buttons to jazz it up. The buttons I remember include:

image via etsy
image via etsy
  • at least 7 New Kids on the Block buttons, not including:
  • a GIANT button of Donnie Wahlberg
  • Fun Fest pins
  • “♥ A DANCER”
  • at least 3 buttons I made with my best friend’s button maker, markers, mint green printer paper, and cut-outs of NKOTB from Tiger Beat Magazine
  • 2 political campaign buttons – one for our County Superintendent and one for a Tennessee State Representative (my dad served on their campaigns)

Really?, I ask my 10-year-old self. Really?!

So, I was at the thrift store last week. I was looking through my wish list of clothing items, and I saw “denim skirt” on the list. I put it on the list a few months ago because, while I used to have a plethora of denim skirts, I am down to one, and it is way too big.

I was flipping through the skirts on the rack when I thought, This is ridiculous. I have a perfectly good skirt at home that just needs to be taken in a bit. When I got home, I pulled it out of the closet and added it to my project stack.


Here’s where I started. Honestly, this skirt has always been a slightly too big. I thrifted it years ago, and I’ve worn it many times, riding low on my hips. But now, it just looks silly, hanging way too low and hitting me at my calves. If I take it in some, it will fit at my waist and be a much more attractive length.


I started by trying it on inside out and marking the waist where it should be. I then followed the existing seam line, moving in about 1 1/4″ on either side, marking a new seam line with chalk. Then I sewed along the new line. Easy peasy.


I pressed the seam open.


Then I ironed both seam allowances down to one side to keep them folded nice and neat, and I ran another stitch 1/4″ to the back of that seam to keep the seam laying down smoothly.


So excited. I have been wanting a denim skirt (that actually fits) to wear with boots all fall and winter.


Thrilled that it was hanging (tough) in my closet all along.



This post is part of a 31 Day series about improving my days by being more PURPOSEFUL.

You can read more about it here. You can find all the posts in this series here.


10 thoughts on ““If you try to keep us down, we’re gonna come right back”

  1. I LOVE that the button maker got a shout out. She still has it and I’ve been wanting to get it out and make 1D buttons for Anders. He loves them. I still have some of our old buttons too. Do you?

    Great skirt.

    Here’s some fun for ya:

    This kind of applies to the project.

    1. FANTASTIC! I probably watched this video 100 times – I had two NKOTB VHS cassettes that I watched every Saturday morning. I think there may be a few buttons at Mom’s house. Love it.

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