And a Purposeful New Year!


Hi Friends,

It’s been a while, no? Sorry for the unplanned, extended absence. Finishing Christmas gifts, celebrating Christmas, sick kid, another sick kid, then same kid sick again have made for a challenging couple of weeks. I’ve been hitting nap time and just crashing myself. No new projects around here lately.


My friend, Molly, had a great idea. She thought we should do another 31 days challenge for ourselves just to get us back in the routine of blogging every day. And heaven knows I’ve missed it. While it was a lots of work posting every day, it was also a blast. And I felt so productive. Getting things on my Project List crossed off (and the clothing projects actually worn!) felt great.

So I’m back on board for another challenge. I’ve decided to make all of my January posts about my One Little Word for 2013.

Wait, you don’t know about One Little Word? OK, go check it out. It’s brilliant.

I am not a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. I don’t diet, I don’t love to exercise, even though I do it because it’s good for me. In fact, a few years ago, I was at the grocery store with my mother-in-law on New Year’s Eve, and when the cashier asked about my resolutions, I said, “Eat more chocolate!” I’m pretty sure I succeeded that year!

But for a few years now, I have chosen One Little Word to kind of guide my year. Last year was PURSUE (more on that later this week), and it was great. There were several times (like 31 Days) when it helped me make a decision or clarify some goals.  I thought about using it again, because I know there are other things I want to pursue this year, but I’m just going to save it as a word that sort of covers my whole life. When in doubt, pursue.

In past years, I’ve chosen other words that were helpful at that time, like FOCUS and PERSPECTIVE. (I don’t know why they are often P words, but why fight it if it’s working?)

So for 2013, PURPOSEFUL means improving my days by setting intentions for how I use my time, home, and even my mind in a way that is more thought-out, less haphazard. Some synonyms that resonate with me for PURPOSEFUL are careful, designed, intentional, organized, planned, systematic.

So for this first week of January, I’m going PURPOSEFULly wrap up 2012. I have LOTS of projects (of course) that are leftovers, but a few in particular SHOULD have been done earlier. I’m going to tackle those first instead of just jumping into whatever project seems to catch my eye. (Thanks for that, Pinterest.)


So follow along as I (hopefully) create some new projects and practices (what is it with letter P?) to improve life this year. Let’s do this!


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Do you make resolutions? Have you ever chosen One Little Word? What do you hope 2013 holds for you?


3 thoughts on “And a Purposeful New Year!

  1. Well, I checked out One Little Word and it looked interesting. I am going to give it a try. This may be like most of my past new year’s resolutions – not purposeful. Support appreciated.


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