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Hoosier Cabinet, Part 2

The Hoosier cabinet is finished! Husband did the final two coats of paint (for which I’m super grateful), and it’s looks awesome. Today, I’m going to give you a peak into the Hoosier’s new role – a little home office/studio! Here she is in all her blue glory:

Hoosier cabinet

Did I tell you we used to just call her “The Blue Thing”? As in:

Me: Hey, have you seen my keys?

Husband: Yes, they’re on The Blue Thing!

Do you also have random names for things? Like, when I was in college and got a Palm Pilot (remember those?), I named it “Gus”. My Kindle is named “Bingo”. And we once had a car called “The Weekend Warrior”.

I guess the Hoosier cabinet will need a new name, now that she’s not blue. Although, I kind of laid down the law today, explaining that this was now Mama’s workspace, not a place for key storage or a place to forage for art supplies. (Don’t you worry, BB and BG have their own “Art Dresser”, overflowing with their own materials. They will be just fine without using my Sharpies or my sketch pencils.)

white hoosier cabinet workspaceI pulled my Old School Office Chair out of the garage, too. I think they make a perfect pair. (However, it’s definitely time to make a new seat cover. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to get my sewing machine back?)

hoosier cabinet workspace lightsI added garage spotlights for some task lighting, and I played around with bowls, jars, and clipboards for organizing.

hoosier cabinet lights detail

colorful sharpies

supplies in a jar

jewelry tools

find joy in the ordinary clipboard

hoosier cabinet clipboard detail

Alright, Hoosier, lookin’ good! Now it’s time to get to work!

PS – Just kidding – I don’t think Hoosier can be the new name. Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Hoosier Cabinet, Part 2

  1. That first room in my mom and dad’s house had green carpet in the early 80s and we called it the green room and we still do to this day!

    1. Ha! I had forgotten about that! I also thought about the “Green Bean” car you used to have. Was that the one with the “This is not an abandoned vehicle” bumper sticker, or was that a different car?

  2. White glory or something, because it’s where glorious things happen. :) looks like a wonderful workspace where lots of beautiful things will be created. I can’t wait to see the lovely jewelry and things that come from that space.

    1. Thank you, Gail. They were made by “Hoosier Manufacturing Co.” in Indiana. I just dug around online a bit more and read that they were popular in the early 1900s until built-in cabinets started to become the norm. Thanks for the question – I love learning about the history of things!


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