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Halloween Bunco – The Birds

Wednesday night, I got a text about subbing for Halloween Bunco this year. YES PLEASE! I love creating costumes, love dressing up, love Halloween. It was only 2 days notice, but I knew I could put something together.

The next day, this showed up on my Pinterest feed. I got super excited, because not only would it be awesome to be Tippi Hedron from The Birds, but my friend who would be hosting Bunco is FREAKED OUT by birds. Perfect!

I thought it might be tough to find a green suit, but I knew Goodwill would have a blond wig – they always stock costumes and accessories in October – so I started there. Lucky Day – they had both! I went to Michaels to find birds. We bought a black crow there years ago, and I was sure they would still have some. The woman at the check out said she didn’t think they had any left, but I dug through every Halloween bin in the store and found four. One of them was smaller with a clip attached – perfect for sticking in the wig.


Big Boy had no idea what to think of my costume. He thought I was a “Bird Lady”. And Baby Girl thinks Mama in a wig is HILARIOUS! She cracked up every time she looked at me. I’m sure Husband thinks it’s just another day at the crazy house.


9 thoughts on “Halloween Bunco – The Birds

  1. You know, I’ve never noticed it before but you have a big mouth for such a little girl! Just kidding! I’d like to have this picture in an 8 x 10!


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