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Five Things

Happy Friday! Happy June! I can’t BELIEVE it’s already June!

We had some fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend, but then BB got a stomach bug and was quarantined for 4 days while Husband and I wore masks and gloves and washed our hands 8000 times and let the kids watch a ridiculous amount of movies in their own rooms so there would be no cross-contamination. #thanksnorovirus

And now next week is the last week of school, so we’re in the thick of end-of-the-year events. Yesterday was “Donuts with Dads” at BG’s preschool (a sweet tradition that involves donuts, of course, and sweet cards and building projects), and last night was an awesome musical put on by BB’s class at school. He completely surprised us all by volunteering at the last minute to take over a part for a child who couldn’t be there. He was the most adorable little frog who turned into a prince, and I couldn’t have been prouder of him.

I have to say, I’m feeling ready for summer break. Not ready as in I have great plans and camps and activities mapped out, but ready for slower-paced days and hanging around and reading and going to the pool and just generally relaxing. (More of my thoughts on summer here.)

As we start the final countdown, here are five things on my mind this week:

1. Not a Perfect Mom, but an Enough Mom. A great read, especially as we often head into summer with BIG expectations of how “lovely” summer should be.

2. This book. I read it in two days – possibly a record for me since having kids. Husband read it in about 5 hours. Science Fiction is something I never read, but the story in this one was so engaging and tender and CRAZY (I’m not going to pretend I even understood everything), I couldn’t put it down. I still can’t stop thinking about it.

to select well among old things

3. This quote. YES!


bon bon vintage earrings4. These earrings. I feel like I “select[ed] well among old things” when I made these! I fell in love with these old vintage beads – their big round shape, their faceted surface, their disco ball feel. I’m on the hunt for more like this – I want to make these earrings in every color! (I’m adding new pieces to my Etsy shop often – check out other finds here.)

5. Made me laugh. BB and BG loved it, too! There’s nothing better than looking at cute and hilarious animals. I’m bookmarking this to revisit on tough days. Enjoy! (Update: The original link was broken, so I found another page that has the same photos. Still cracks me up!)

What are you up to this weekend? I’m looking forward to a germ-free weekend where we can do some of the things we planned to do last weekend. We have very little on the calendar, and I couldn’t be happier. Hope your weekend is full of good books, inspiration, and great laughs. Thanks for reading!

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The Perfect Shirt for Summer

It’s was 96 degrees here yesterday. That’s really, really hot, y’all. It’s making me a little nervous because it’s just May, and we have “a whole ‘nother” month of spring to go before summer officially arrives. Lawd help! (Apparently these hot days bring back my Southern vocabulary.)

I’m digging through my closet to find the lightest possible things to wear on these crazy hot days. (Like this and this.)

But you know what always works on these hot days when I want to look a little more polished and a little less like I just came back from the pool?

Vintage short sleeved blouses.

They used to be called “shells” – slip-on, collar-less blouses that were typically worn as a base layer under suit jackets or cardigans. They were super popular in the 80s, and they are making a comeback. And for good reason. They are the perfect shirt for summer. Lightweight, cool, and breathable boxy-cut blouses, they look better than a t-shirt and are even easier to wear.

May I present the Vintage Short Sleeved Blouse, Three Ways:

vintage blouse + shorts

1. With shorts. This is basically a t-shirt and shorts situation, but it looks more polished and feels even better. (Pay no attention to what I’m calling my “mom tan” – that unfortunate tan line that comes from wearing cropped yoga pants on a surprisingly sunny day. NO SHAME, friends – it’s too hot to try to cover that mess up with long pants these days.)

vintage blouse + midi skirt

2. Cuffed sleeves with a skirt. This minimalist look of a flowy midi (or maxi) skirt and boxy shirt is perfect for warm days. (And there’s something about flowy skirts that always makes me feel like I’m on vacation.)

vintage blouse + jeans + heels

3. Dressed up with jeans + heels + a bold necklace. This is my summer going-out uniform.

When I’m thrift shopping, I’m always on the hunt for blouses like this – simple tops that can be mixed and matched a hundred different ways. Silk for a luxurious feel (and so breathable), polyester for ease of wear (no ironing!).

black and white print blouse

I just listed a collection of these summer blouses in my Etsy shop in a variety of colors and sizes – click here to see what I’ve found!

Meanwhile, I’m going to sit in front of a fan and sip some iced tea like a good Southern girl and pray this summer is a mild one.

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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

I have to confess, I feel like I’m limping toward the weekend this week. I’m so tired. I think it’s a combination of the heat (we’ve been in the 90s already!) and a full calendar of activities. I’m REALLY looking forward to a mostly unscheduled weekend. Here are a few things on my mind this week.

1. Christmas cards. Yep. It’s true. I finally took down my Christmas cards this week. I posted on Facebook that the moment I did it, the kids revolted and thought it was way too soon. What?! Luckily, friends chimed in that they still had theirs up or had just taken them down this week, so I felt better. I like to put them on a binder ring so I can look through them over and over again. What about you – do you keep them up all year (something I seriously considered) or do you have a creative way of using them after the holidays have passed?

2. Museum of Failure. A few weeks ago, when my father-in-law was here, he told us the story of how Kodak missed the boat on digital photography. Just a few days later, I came across the Museum of Failure, which included Kodak as well as other companies and ideas that just didn’t work. So fascinating. (via Jocelyn K. Glei)


3. A Very Easy Dinner Party. I loved this. Because what’s most important is the connecting, not the dinner.

4. Do More Things That Make You Forget To Check Your Phone. Less scrolling, more connecting.

get it going

5. This quote.

What are you up to this weekend? I say we are “mostly unscheduled”, but we have a couple of baseball games and some fun outings with friends, and I’m “scheduling” some creative time, too. Our temperatures will be dipping back down, for which I am super thankful. Hope your weekend is full of friendship, learning opportunities, and connecting with others in ways that make life richer. Thanks for reading!