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Everyday Vintage: 2.22.18

Welcome to Everyday Vintage, my weekly-ish monthly-ish random roundup of how I incorporate vintage finds into my everyday life.

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I’ve got a bunch of photos to share today. We’ve had quite a variety of weather lately – cold, dry winter to warm, dry spring and now back to below freezing temps – but NO RAIN! (We need rain.)

So this edition of Everyday Vintage has a mix of warm and cold weather outfits. Hope these posts inspire you to find vintage and/or thrifted finds to incorporate in your wardrobe.


Love this vintage vest I found recently – a combination of tan canvas (with quilted stitching!) and cream faux-shearling and wood buttons. It’s SO 70s!IMG_2817

I found this vintage necklace at an estate sale – a mix of bold blue and green beads.


Two-for-one vintage! A vintage men’s Levi’s gingham button-up and a vintage down vest that’s SUPER warm.


Cleaning out my closet (ignore the clothes piled on the settee)! This chambray tunic is vintage, and the vest is thrifted faux fur.


I like this vintage navy slip dress paired with a turtleneck and cuffed jeans. I haven’t worn this yet (need a little bit warmer temps), but I like the layers.

I was still cleaning out my closet/playing dress up (our bedroom was a DISASTER). (Shall we play I Spy? Faux fur? Check. Multiple pairs of shoes? Check. Old prom dress? Check. Bathrobe? Check. Giveaway bag? Check. Pool noodles? Check. (Those are great to put in boots to hold their shape.) It almost never looks this bad. In fact, all of our clothes have been put away every day since I did the clean out. But it was BAD for a little bit. Husband doesn’t get it, but when I clean stuff out, it always looks MUCH WORSE before it gets better. Anyone else like that?)


I thrifted this vintage coat a couple of years ago, and it’s been getting lots of wear this winter.


I paired this summer maxi dress with a vintage turtleneck to make it wearable for winter.


I added these earrings that I made from vintage beads. (I’ve got more like this coming to my shop soon!)



This was the sweater I was cutting shoulder pads out of a few weeks ago on Instagram. A long cardigan with pockets – perfect!


I found this crisp white Dickie’s oxford in the boys’ section at the thrift store – it fits perfectly, and I added my favorite 70s down vest.


Apparently this is the puffy vest edition! I love them in the winter, and I usually find them for less than $5. This thifted red one is paired with my favorite vintage blouse – “Country Sophisticates” by Pendleton. (I love those vintage labels.)

(Bandaid not thrifted. ;) I almost lost the tip of my finger chopping basil last weekend. Still don’t have complete feeling back yet, but it’s healing up nicely.)

And, I saved the best for last:


I found an orange vintage boy’s puffer vest for The Boy while thrifting last weekend. It matches MY orange vintage men’s puffer vest that I thrifted years ago. He wanted us to take a matchy-selfies to post. It wasn’t until I looked back at my photos later that I saw what he was up too. Love this goofy boy. ♥

(I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy.)


everyday vintage · Style · Thrifts

Everyday Vintage: 2.1.18 – Valentine’s Day Edition

Welcome to Everyday Vintage, my weekly-ish monthly-ish roundup of how I incorporate vintage finds into my everyday life. Note: Today, it’s not just for Everyday, it’s for Valentine’s Day. 

What to wear for Valentine's DayI’ve never met a holiday I didn’t want to dress up for.

I don’t know if it stems from my pre-children teacher days (my favorite part of the The Magic School Bus series was checking out Ms. Frizzle’s thematic outfits) or if it’s something that’s deeply ingrained in me, but I love a good outfit with a slight costume flair.

Christmas red? Yep.

St. Patrick’s Day Green? Of course.

New Year’s sparkle? Why not?!

Halloween? Check, check, and check.

(Side note: Yesterday afternoon, The Girl asked, “Which comes first, Easter or that green holiday?” I told her that St. Patrick’s Day is first.)

So, of course, for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be wearing red or pink – or red AND pink – at some point that day.

Valentine’s Day is also Husband’s birthday, and like all birthdays, we’ll celebrate with dinner and cake and champagne, and we always dress up a little, even if it’s dinner at home.

Last week, I thought it would be fun to play a little dress up to see what I could come up with for Valentine’s Day ideas, mixing up things I already have in my closet – most of them vintage or thirfted. My hope is to encourage you to shop your closet, visit a thrift store, or give vintage a try when you’re looking to create a special outfit.

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

#1 – Black + Pink


I wear this vintage black sweater all the time. I paired it with a vintage pink skirt (“millinnial pink”, as the cool kids say) and some cute velvet heels I found at Goodwill last week.

#2 – Pink + WhiteDSC_0168DSC_0158DSC_0164DSC_0177DSC_0179DSC_0185I’m not even sure what this pink top is. I wear it as a vest, but I’m guessing it’s a top to a vintage two-piece dress. The stitching is incredible, and I love the chunky silver zipper that you find on vintage clothes. I paired it with a vintage blouse and jeans. I thrifted those shoes last week at Goodwill, too. (It was a good shoe day.)

#3 – Pink + RedDSC_0186DSC_0213DSC_0188DSC_0214DSC_0200The only things vintage are the red clutch and the red shoes (I LOVE these shoes – vintage Italian leather, perfect condition, less than $10). The skirt is thrifted, and the sweater is from Old Navy about 12 years ago.

#4 – Sparkles


You know I love vintage sequins. This is a jacket that probably came as a set – wouldn’t you love to know what the rest of the outfit looked like? I love sequins with “scruffy” jeans – I thrifted these and chopped off the hem (look for a post on thrifted denim next week). The gold clutch is vintage.

#5 – Pop of Red


An all black outfit is simple and classic. Red flats add the Valentine’s pop. The faux leather jacket, black turtleneck, and vintage clutch are all thrifted.

#6 – Black Lace


Only the clutch is vintage, but this dress I got in London feels perfect for a Valentine’s Date.

#7 – Black + Red


I saved the least expensive outfit for last! I thrifted this faux fur jacket and vintage slip dress for $1 each! The heels are vintage, and I made the earrings out of vintage beads.

This would have made the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, but we were driving to Southern California the next day, so we wore our jammies and watched the ball drop live on the East Coast and were all in bed by 9:15. But don’t think it wasn’t a sparkly evening! BG brought out her rotating Princess Palace play tent light, so our NYE looked like this:


OH YEAH! We know how to live it UP!!

Phew, you made it to the end of a very long post. Thanks for sticking around. Leave me a comment to let me know which outfit is your favorite, or which you think I should wear for Valentine’s Day/Husband’s Birthday Dinner, or both – I’d love to hear.

PS – You know what I just realized? I wore the same pair of earrings with 6 out of 7 of these outfits, and they looked great with each one. They are these from my Etsy shop if you’re looking for something that goes with everything.

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Everyday Vintage: 12.21.17

I’m back with another Everyday Vintage, my weekly-ish roundup of how I incorporate vintage finds into my everyday life. 

I haven’t posted vintage finds in a couple of weeks, so there are a bunch of photos today. Enjoy!



Vintage Boots! I found these 70s leather boots last winter at Goodwill. I took them to the shoe shop this fall to get the toe box stretched a bit. As soon as I got them back, the sole split, so they had to go back. I FINALLY got them back after Thanksgiving, and I can’t stop wearing them.



This vintage cotton blouse has pretty front pleats, a mock turtleneck, and buttons all the way up the back.



I wear this black vintage sweater weekly. It’s in such great shape, it’s a great lighter layer, and it goes with everything, but especially this faux leather jacket.


I love wearing an oversized sweater with a silky vintage blouse underneath. Also, monochromatic layers make me feel like a preppie.


Fake Adopted Mom passed this moose print wool coat along to me. It’s from Nordstrom from the 70s or 80s, has HUGE poufy sleeves, and is ridiculously warm. Bring on the snow!


I wore this vintage brown herringbone tweed blazer with a gray turtleneck. When in doubt, light brown/cognac + gray = a combo that always seems to work.


Again with a sweater vest! I found this vintage Evan Picone polka dot and striped vest at a thrift store last week. I added more stripes with a navy + white t-shirt underneath, because, why not?

FYI – I added some fun holiday (read: fancy! sparkles! sequins!) vintage pieces to my Etsy shop last week. Click here to take a peek! (This one is my favorite, and this one would be so fun to wear on New Years Eve!)