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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday! How’s your summer going? I can’t believe we’re already past the 4th of July, which always feels like the beginning of the end of summer for me. We still have swim lessons and a camp and a family trip, but school will be here before we know it.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I haven’t been doing any projects since my sewing machine broke, and I haven’t been writing much either. I miss it. There’s something wonderful about writing for me. Just getting words out of my head onto paper or typed on the screen is so cathartic. (I think it has a lot to do with my theory on consuming vs. producing and how good producing is for me.)

Last weekend, as an exercise in a bible study I’m doing this summer, I had a technology-free day. It was hard -but also easy. I had so much extra time, and I found it easy to fill that time with chores around the house that kept me pretty distracted. But when I was quiet for a few minutes – a time I would have grabbed my phone to check Facebook or Instagram – I grabbed my journal to write. And even after my no-tech day was finished, I’ve continued to journal a little each day. It’s a habit I have loved for years, and I’m happy to have picked up again.

So here I am, giving you a quick rundown of things that have been on my mind lately – thoughts I’ve had, stuff I’ve read, things that have hit home.


1. “Girl Camp”. Husband and BB left for Cub Scout camp this week. While they are living it up in the woods canoeing and building campfires and shooting bows and arrows and sleeping in tents, BG and I are having “Girl Camp”.  What does one do at Girl Camp? Well, so far, we go to IKEA and plan bedroom decorating projects. We organize toys. (SO MUCH PINK. See above.) We have play dates with friends. We go swimming. We buy desserts just because. We do our nails. We go to the movies. This is less a camp of planned activities and more of an attitude. BG summed it up by saying, “You say ‘Yes!’ a lot more during Girl Camp.” TRUE! It’s been a really special time for the two of us – I am so thankful for these days. (And I’m dying to know what’s happening at “Boy Camp” – can’t wait to hear stories and see pictures of their adventures!)

2. Yoga Radio on Pandora. It’s a lovely way to start the day, even if you aren’t actually doing yoga and are just sitting on your couch, sipping coffee.

3. This essay. Beautiful, sad, moving.

4. This movie. Speaking of things that made me cry, I was at the movie theater with BG yesterday to see Despicable Me 3 (her choice because apparently Cars 3 “just sort of feels like a baby movie.” Well, okay then.) They showed the trailer for Wonder, and I cried from the very first second. Wonder, by RJ Palacio, is probably the best book I’ve read this year – and I’ve had a string of good ones lately. I know Husband will not look forward to seeing this film with me as he has an aversion to movies in which there is a high likelihood of me leaving the theater in a red-faced, runny-nosed, sobbing mess. He likes to save those for watching at home. (A selection of movies we’ve seen together in which I walk out of the theater in full-on ugly cry: Titanic, Apollo 13, Romeo + Juliet, Armageddon (I KNOW!), What Dreams May Come, Stepmom, The Green Mile, Big Fish. There are countless others.) Anyway, I’ll be there for Wonder with my box of Kleenex. Can’t wait.

serve the world with your joy

5. This quote.

What are you up to this week? The boys will get back from camp, and we have little else planned. I’m hoping to FINALLY get started on a house project that’s been percolating in my mind for weeks (years?). I’m also reading this book for a book club I just joined, so I’m hoping to finish it up as well. Hope your weekend is full of connecting with family and friends, peaceful and touching moments, and joy. Thanks for reading!


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Five Things

Happy Friday! Happy June! I can’t BELIEVE it’s already June!

We had some fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend, but then BB got a stomach bug and was quarantined for 4 days while Husband and I wore masks and gloves and washed our hands 8000 times and let the kids watch a ridiculous amount of movies in their own rooms so there would be no cross-contamination. #thanksnorovirus

And now next week is the last week of school, so we’re in the thick of end-of-the-year events. Yesterday was “Donuts with Dads” at BG’s preschool (a sweet tradition that involves donuts, of course, and sweet cards and building projects), and last night was an awesome musical put on by BB’s class at school. He completely surprised us all by volunteering at the last minute to take over a part for a child who couldn’t be there. He was the most adorable little frog who turned into a prince, and I couldn’t have been prouder of him.

I have to say, I’m feeling ready for summer break. Not ready as in I have great plans and camps and activities mapped out, but ready for slower-paced days and hanging around and reading and going to the pool and just generally relaxing. (More of my thoughts on summer here.)

As we start the final countdown, here are five things on my mind this week:

1. Not a Perfect Mom, but an Enough Mom. A great read, especially as we often head into summer with BIG expectations of how “lovely” summer should be.

2. This book. I read it in two days – possibly a record for me since having kids. Husband read it in about 5 hours. Science Fiction is something I never read, but the story in this one was so engaging and tender and CRAZY (I’m not going to pretend I even understood everything), I couldn’t put it down. I still can’t stop thinking about it.

to select well among old things

3. This quote. YES!


bon bon vintage earrings4. These earrings. I feel like I “select[ed] well among old things” when I made these! I fell in love with these old vintage beads – their big round shape, their faceted surface, their disco ball feel. I’m on the hunt for more like this – I want to make these earrings in every color! (I’m adding new pieces to my Etsy shop often – check out other finds here.)

5. Made me laugh. BB and BG loved it, too! There’s nothing better than looking at cute and hilarious animals. I’m bookmarking this to revisit on tough days. Enjoy!

What are you up to this weekend? I’m looking forward to a germ-free weekend where we can do some of the things we planned to do last weekend. We have very little on the calendar, and I couldn’t be happier. Hope your weekend is full of good books, inspiration, and great laughs. Thanks for reading!

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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

We are super happy because Husband comes home today. He’s had two weeks of travel, and we are so excited to have him back home for a while.

Despite missing him, it’s been a pretty good week. I feel like the kids have grown so much over the summer. They seem like big kids now, figuring more things out on their own, helping out, and learning so much already in school. I am finding a lot of joy in this phase of life.

Here are a few other things on my mind this week:


1. Playing outside. This was the first full week of school. I don’t know if it’s fact that the only homework BB will have this year is 20 minutes of daily reading (praise the Lord!) or that BG is no longer napping regularly and we now have lots more afternoon hours to fill, but we’ve hit the park more this week than any week of this summer. And it’s been amazing. We met up with school friends and made new ones. I sat in the cool shade and talked with other grownups while the kids ran wild for hours. We came home each day with a little sun on our cheeks and a little sweat on our foreheads, and with that good, deep, tired happy you get from being outside. It has been so good for all of us.

(BG – above – as she showed me her sand art on her foot: “Look at my tattoo! It’s a peregrine falcon!”)

2. This vinaigrette. Yes, seriously, I can’t stop thinking about it. I made it a few weeks ago to dress my own version of Chipotle salad, and it turned out really well. But instead of using purchased adobo sauce (the ones at my grocery store all contain gluten), I just pureed the whole can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (LOVE that spicy, smoky flavor), added one tablespoon of puree to the dressing, and spooned the rest into ice cube trays to freeze. Now I have a little bag of chipotle pepper cubes in the freezer, ready to thaw to whip up more dressing any time. (Note: I will probably add a little less honey next time. It was pretty sweet. As in, BB said, “I want to drink this dressing.” And that’s WITH “spicy” peppers in it.)

Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.

3. This quote. As a stay-at-home parent, I feel like 50% of my job is Materials Management. Finding things, dropping off things, sorting things, folding things, buying things, putting things away, calling about things, following up on things, emailing about things. It seems I’m always talking about getting rid of things. And it’s not that we’re hoarders or messy or even cluttered at all, really, but there are seasons of life where “stuff” just gets to me. The start of a new school year is one of those times. I need clear surfaces. I need everything in its place. I need a tightly-run ship. This week, when I saw something where it shouldn’t be, I kept thinking of “unmade decisions fueled by procrastination”. (And the Getting Things Done two-minute rule – if it’s something that can be completed in two minutes, DO IT.) It’s been a “Tiny Tweak” that has helped my sanity.

4. On a related note, I enjoyed this piece, too.

5. This made me laugh so hard I cried.

What are you up to this weekend? Husband gave the kids some day-trip ideas for our three-day weekend – Tahoe, the beach, splashing around in some swimming holes. None of these were met with NEARLY the enthusiasm as “panning for gold” so apparently we are headed for the hills to seek our fortune. Wish us luck! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day. Thanks for reading!