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Everyday Vintage 11.29.17 – Sweater Vest Edition

Welcome to Everyday Vintage, my weekly-ish roundup of how I incorporate vintage finds into my everyday life. 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here and I haven’t taken many photos, but here are a couple of ways I’ve worn vintage this week – and they both include sweater vests! Mark my words, sweater vests are making a comeback – a great way to add a layer in the fall and winter.


My Thanksgiving outfit: a 70s oatmeal sweater vest paired with a striped longsleeved tee, jeans, and leopard flats


How cute is this with the little front pockets?


Vintage navy collegiate-style sweater vest layered with a long chambray tunic, jeans, and those leopard flats again


Also vintage: this late-80s/early-90s Dooney & Bourke bag. I’m pretty sure I had one like it when I was in middle school. :)


Speaking of sweater vests and things I probably wore in the 80s, I found this beauty – PINK! WITH HEARTS! AND HORSES! It’s going to be listed in my shop this week, along with a collection of vintage pieces that are perfect for the holiday season. You can check in there and like my shop’s Facebook page for updates when new items are listed.



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