Happy Blogiversary!

Hi! Just popping in on this Spring Break Tuesday to say “It’s my Blogiversary!” I started this little blog 6 years ago when BB was tiny. (He’ll be 8 this week!) I’ve loved reading blogs for many years, and starting one seemed like a great way to document my DIY projects.

(Full Disclosure: I STARTED the blog on March 28th, but I didn’t even make my first post until November. I might “dwell in possibilities” (I’m an ENFP) but being afraid to jump on those possibilities is my biggest weakness. So celebrating baby steps – like just signing up to have a blog – is okay by me.)

(My first post? This LIFE-CHANGING gem about deconstructing baskets.)

There are a variety of things I write about, but almost everything comes down to a makeover – finding possibility in something old and making it new again, whether it’s jewelry, vintage clothes, or old furniture.

I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane to the most popular posts over the last 6 years. Want to see?


1. DIY Organza Bath Loofah

I still use this type of loofah every day. It’s my favorite – way better than the mesh ones, in my opinion. In fact, it’s about time to make another one – my current one has seen better days.


2. The Thrift Project: Leather Clutch

I  made this clutch from a thrifted leather coat for my first 31 Days challenge. I shared it on Cotton+Curls a few months later, and the day that posted was SUPER fun. I got to watch my blog get hundreds and hundrets of hits from all over the world in one day. It is still one of my favorite projects, and I still use this clutch ALL. THE. TIME.


3. Prom Dress Skirt

This is maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever made. It was featured on Paris Ciel and also brought lots of visitors from around the world. To me, that’s the most fun thing about having a blog – connecting with people and seeing where they are from. I love technology!



4. Aunt Ruby’s Brooch (or How to Turn a Pin into a Pendant)

I didn’t really love how this project turned out, but it’s obviously something people want to know how to do. Maybe I should try another one and improve my skills??


5. My 5 Best Thrifting Secrets

This is my jam – hunting down great finds and finding endless possibilities. This is my superhero skill. But what do I do with it? Become a stylist with thrift store finds? Teach classes? Or maybe just try to sell a few pieces on Etsy?

Baby steps, y’all….

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!



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