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Pretty Blouses (or My Spring Uniform)

Over the weekend, BB played in his first Little League game of the season. My heart melts a little every time I see him in his little uniform – his baseball cap, his shirt with his last name across the back, his sweet little batter’s stance. I definitely have a thing for him in a uniform.

And I definitely have my own little uniform this time of year. I mix it up, but I usually start with the same base – jeans and pretty blouse.

vintage blouses

Last Friday, for Five Things, I posted some photos of pretty spring blouses I’ve been inspired by lately. I love the look of a blouse – feminine, a little dressier than a t-shirt, but still easy to wear with jeans.

That’s basically my spring uniform – jeans, pretty flats or heels, a blouse, and maybe a cardigan if it’s a little chilly or a leather jacket if I’m going out to dinner.

When I hit the thrift store, my first stop is usually blouses. I love finding vintage ones because they are better made, they are pretty classic, and they are very wearable.


This one was a favorite I came across recently, but it had two major flaws.


Linebacker shoulder pads!


These things were massive.


Like, I could do some blocking damage on the field with these babies.


Luckily, these shoulder pads are the easiest to remove.


Long threads mean a quick snip, and they’re gone forever!


Perfect with flats and a cardigan…


…or heels and a moto jacket. The uniform stays the same, but the accessories change it up. That’s what I love about vintage blouses – they can be dressed up or down and can be paired in lots of different ways.

So today, in my Etsy shop, you’ll find a variety of “new” vintage blouses listed. These hand-picked pieces are perfectly classic – quality vintage construction with fabrics and finishes that fit seamlessly into a modern wardrobe.

etsy collage for blog

Paired with jeans, black trousers, or  pencil skirt, these just might be the perfect pieces for rounding out your spring uniform – no bat and glove required!





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