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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

We made it! It’s been a busy week. At one point, I had four emails and three calendars open at once, trying to figure out all that we have going on these days. It’s a lot. As someone who swears by keeping things simple and not over-scheduling, I’ve somehow made things very complicated and over-scheduled. Lesson learned! Thankfully, things should taper off by mid-March – only two more weeks of crazy!

Here are a few things on my (crazy, scattered) mind this week:


1. This Instagram. I followed @hey_jules_studio months ago when I came across her lovely and colorful photos, but there have been very few postings since. She now has a book coming out, and this week, she started reposting her #100daysofrainbows. You know I love a good rainbow (I have a need to put almost everything in rainbow order – books, clothes, bobbins, produce), so I find her rainbow photos stunning and inspiring!

2. I have a new favorite radio station. Its tagline is “Throwback Hip Hop and R& B”. This is SO not my typical genre, but it WAS sort of my genre back in middle school and high school. Last night, as I driving through town, I tuned in and heard old Snoop Dogg, Boys II Men, and Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch. I could not stop smiling. There is something so great about hearing music you listened to when you were younger – memories of middle school dances and hanging out with friends and dance team numbers and CDs you played in your first car (in a Discman wired to your tape deck because you definitely DIDN’T drive a car with a built-in CD player).

(Side note: The song I heard by Boyz II Men was It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday. I called my brother immediately after hearing it because I remembered the time this dear, sweet brother, during his freshman year of college, told me that he wanted this song played at his funeral. I felt an immediate and intense need to verify if this was still true. I laughed so hard asking him I COULD BARELY BREATHE. He said he didn’t remember saying it, but he was sure that he did. I said that we all need reminders like this to keep us humble.)

3. This quote.

4. Impress your kids. We spent some time last weekend making these World Record paper airplanes, and while they definitely weren’t perfect or anywhere near record-breaking, they were pretty awesome and flew really well.

please-excuse-the-mess5. Made me chuckle. I read it aloud to Husband, and he said we need to frame it on our walls.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! And tell me – what music immediately takes you back? In addition to “throwback hip hop”, early 90s country always makes me think of high school. I did grow up in East Tennessee, so country is kind of a given. What about you?


3 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I literally just laughed so hard that I am crying thinking about you calling Brian and asking him that question in a serious way. I’m assuming Brian. Of course I think I listened to most of the same music as you! I have a very specific memory of driving around with Amy’s Cole and listening to blues traveler

    1. Of course it’s Brian. :) Yes, totally remember that. I have also told my kids about driving to school every day with Leigh Anne, listening to Coolio, cranked so so loud. Every. Single. Day.


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