Tiny Tweaks

Little Slice of Blog Joy

Do you ever have nights where you stay up way too late working on a project? And then you can’t go to sleep and then when you finally DO sleep, you wake up every 20 minutes all night long? Just me? In that case, you should know that this post is brought to you by a giant cup of coffee.

Now, I LOVE to be asleep by 10:00. Just like the Old Lady Cart, there are things about me that are way more Grandma than Mama – like PJs on by 8:30, reading in bed by 9:30, wake up by 5:30 – “Early to bed, early to rise” and all that. But last night, I went down the rabbit hole of playing around with the layout of my blog. Nothing major, just a few tweaks here and there, but at around 10:15, I might have shouted, “YES! Eureka! I finally figured it out!” Husband was also up late working on his laptop and barely raised an eyebrow. He’s used to my random outbursts.


So if you read my posts on a blog reader or in your email, click on over to the blog today. I figured out how to organize posts into categories on the top menu bar – get this – AUTOMATICALLY, which makes me ridiculously happy. I <3 TECHNOLOGY! (Clicking on the menu bar MAY have been what pushed me past 11:00pm – I strolled down memory lane a bit too far.)

It’s just like all the projects I tackle. Breathing new life into something (a vintage dress, a broken necklace, a website that just bugs me a little) brings me little slices of joy.

Now I’m off to refill my coffee mug. Thanks for reading!



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