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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

I know. It’s been a week. And today is no more promising. So instead of waxing about all that’s going wrong in the world, here are a few completely unpolitical and not-relevant-at-all things that are bringing me little bits of joy:


1.This peanut butter hack. Do you use natural peanut butter? Do you hate the oil separation at the top of the jar and the super dry and hard-to-spread bits at the bottom? Husband told me about this a few weeks ago, and it’s made all the difference – store your jar of peanut butter UPSIDE DOWN for a few days before you open it. TA-DA! Perfect consistency from beginning to end. Works with almond butter and sun butter, too. (PS – You might think, why not just keep it out of the refrigerator to keep it soft? I did that, too, but then I read that without added sugars and other chemicals to preserve it, natural peanut butter can go rancid really quickly. With this trick, even refrigerated peanut butter stays smooth and easy to spread.)

2. These are amazing! I can’t stop watching.


3. How to Hygge. Because we’ve got lots of winter left. (I stole Husband’s wool socks. Shhh – don’t tell him.)

4. Three Second Slices of Joy. Pausing to recognize these moments in my day – thick gray clouds in a dark blue sky, the deep breath I take when I put some eucalyptus and mint lotion on my hands, the first sip of coffee, seeing my children smile – can help reframe my outlook on my day.

5. This made me ridiculously happy. I know. It’s WAY past Christmas. But Adele? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Elton? YES! So good. (Except, what is Mariah Carey wearing?!)

What are you up to this weekend? Guess what! We’re getting more rain! It’s the best. (If you haven’t heard, Northern California has gotten enough rain in the last few weeks to be out of the drought! So thankful.) We have a pretty unscheduled weekend, and I’m pretty excited about it. Bring on the PJs, hot cocoa, and as much coziness as we can possibly stand. Hope you have a warm and cozy weekend as well. Thanks for reading!



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