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Twig Star Christmas Decor

Hello! Happy Friday! How’s your week been? The kids have had mild colds (lasting only a day), but it was enough to call in sick for a day each. It was a great time to slow down, rest, and just putter around at home. (And I’m not sure, but I think one of the kids exaggerated her cold just to stay in PJs all day.) The rest of the week has been full of projects, getting ready for Christmas, and planning BG’s birthday. It’s so hard to not get overwhelmed this time of year, but I’m really trying to take time, soak in the moments, and focus on the true meaning of the holiday.

However, last week, I found myself at Target almost every day, including two Targets in two other cities. On Friday, BG and I were in one of these other Targets because it was close to an antique shop I wanted to visit. While we wandered the aisles, we both noted the pretty displays this Target had in between some of the aisles. Reminding me of pretty department store displays, the vignettes made me remark, “Wow! This Target is prettier than our Target.”

Without skipping a beat, BG put her hand to her cheek and, out of the corner of her mouth, remarked, “You better not let the OTHER Target hear you say that!”

Here are a few things on my mind this week:


1.Winter Solstice Radio on Pandora. I enjoy Christmas music. Now, not before Thanksgiving, mind you, but once Friday rolls around, I’m in. Vince Guaraldi, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, The Partridge Family, all of it. But sometimes it’s just too much. A few years ago, I found the Winter Solstice station on Pandora, and it is lovely. I play it in the morning while my coffee is brewing, when I light candles after dinner, when the kids are getting ready for bed. It’s a good mix of soft, instrumental versions of holiday classics as well as beautiful original pieces inspired by winter. It is a sane-maker in the midst of the crazy, and goes toward my winter-long goals of hygge.

2. This candle. We have two fireplaces, but we never use them. Instead, we light candles. This is my new favorite. While it’s nothing fancy (I got it on one of the 157 Target runs I’ve made recently), this scent feels like a cabin in the woods. I light it every morning and every night. More hygge.

3.Christmas Projects. I’m obsessed. I can’t stop. I made a list, and I’m going through it one by one. I’ve posted a couple on Instagram. Here are a few so far:

christmas tree galvanized tub

The galvanized bucket/tree trunk combination for our tree

burlap christmas card display

Burlap ribbon for holiday cards – such a simple thing that will keep our cards organized and pretty all season long.


twig star christmas decoration

Twig star – A huge branch on one of our pine trees broke last week. Husband and the kids sawed it up, and I snagged a few branches to create a star. I used zip ties to secure the ends, and then I used a natural yarn to cover the ties and to secure the cross points. Husband calls it our Blair Witch Christmas decor. I still like it anyway.

pom pom tree

Pompom decorations – Our mantel got a little updating with our JOY banner and some red pompoms on our little tree branch. BB and BG made most of them using these – a fun project for a rainy afternoon.


And the Advent calendar – Since I didn’t actually finish it until January, this is our first year using it. BG and BB alternate days for getting the ornaments and putting them on our advent tree. It’s a sweet part of our day. And can I just say what a huge relief it was to get out the ornaments and not think, “When are you going to finish this project, Nicole?!” DONE! Check. Next?

4. This was fascinating. It’s a 15+minute watch, but totally worth it.

5. This made me laugh. And this.

What are you up to this weekend? It’s Family Movie Night, and we’re trying to stick to Christmas movies for December. (Last week was Elf. Any other suggestions?) We’ve also got holiday cocktail party coming up, BG is singing at church, and we’re attending a Christmas musical. Hope your weekend is a good mix of celebrations and cozy moments. Thanks for reading!


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