five things

Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

After several weeks of busyness, it was nice to have a regular week – school and play dates and more time for books and less running around like a chicken with its head cut off. “Catching up on life” is how I’ve described this week. And it’s felt like fall – bonus! Here are a few things on my mind this week:


1. Halloween. As I flipped my calendar over to October, I realized that I never posted last year’s Halloween photos. We went as superheros. We each picked our own superpower and then designed our own symbols (or “assembles” as the kids called them). Husband was “Speed”, I was “Fire”, BB was “Lighting”, and BG was “Ice” – she called herself “Elsa Superhero”. Husband said it was the end of the family costumes for him. (It could have been the red leggings that broke him.) And it’s inevitable that the kids will want to do their own thing – early on this year, BB declared he would be a Ninja, and BG declared she would be a kitty. But in the last few weeks, I’ve heard talk of Ninja Kitty. What?! Guess it’s time to start hunting down black clothes for the grownups, too. I’ll just use my sweet ninja skills to convince Husband to join the fun. (I have no ninja skills, so I’m not holding my breath.)

(Check out past Halloween costumes here and here and here.)

2. This is fascinating.


3. This orange house. Have I told you that our house is purple? “Lavender Ice” actually, as the previous owners told us in a letter. (See Halloween photo above.) It is cute and makes our house look more cottage-y than perhaps it really is. And it’s fairly well known in our town. Right after we moved in, when we talked about the new place, people would stop me and say, “Wait. You bought the purple house?! Oh, I love that house.” And we do, too. But it is in need of repainting, and we are pretty sure that we won’t choose purple this go around. Maybe orange is the way to go. Or maybe that’s just October talking.

Bittersweet October

3. This quote. (The photo is from my trip to New Hampshire last October. I’m feeling homesick for a place I’ve only been once but am completely in love with.)

5. I loved this. Probably because this is the year I graduated high school and started college. So. Many. Memories.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got projects I’m itching to finish, books to start (I just finished this one last night – quirky but couldn’t put it down), and we are having family photos taken. I’m working on getting color-coordinated outfits together, which I must admit is increasingly harder as BB and BG now have OPINIONS about their clothing (see Halloween, above). And hair. I mentioned getting BB a haircut for pictures, and he balked. He’s growing it out, he insists. I’m letting it go. Hope you have a beautiful, mellow, leaf-kicking weekend.

(Orange house image found here.)


2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I couldn’t put A Man Called Ove down either. Wait until you read the other one he wrote. Even quirkier! And please let BB let his haircut go for a while. His school picture was perfect!!


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