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Tiny Tweaks: Shave Your Sweater

Hello! Happy October!

The end of September was a whirlwind, as usual. It was my birthday (37!), we had the annual preschool Rummage Sale (I wasn’t in charge this year, but I helped – and I spent a week purging our house to donate stuff – we won’t talk about the stuff I bought there yet!), and I’m helping out with BB’s school auction in a couple of weeks. BUSY!

But my project list is HUGE, so it’s time to get to work.

Today’s Tiny Tweak is SUPER tiny – as in, it takes about one minute – but it makes a difference.


I thrifted this Bass sweater dress over the summer. (Remember Bass, with their Weejuns and their Oxfords? I had a pair of each. Just seeing the label made me a little nostalgic.) It fit perfectly and was in pretty good condition except….


It was pilling. But only on one little section. It looked as if it had been rubbed with Velcro. (I know this from experience. Thanks, Puffer Vests.)


This is an easy fix. You just have to shave it.

Now my mom had a lint shaver like this one that she used all the time, but it took FOREVER.


So I use a regular men’s razor instead. (I don’t use one of my razors because they are WAY more expensive than Husband’s. And you obviously aren’t going to use it on skin again once you use it on a sweater.)


I just gently run it along the top of the knit wherever the pills are – only a couple of times, making sure to just remove the parts that are sticking out. You can do too much and wear holes into the knit.


Here’s the tiny little pile of fuzz I shaved off.


And here’s my dress, looking like new.


Last week, BB said, “I know why you love fall…”

In my mind, I ran through my list: candles, sweaters, dresses with boots, blankets, bonfires, Halloween costumes, leaves, pumpkins….

BB continued, “…because it’s your birthday!”

He’s probably right.

long necklace

Dress: Bass (thrifted)

Necklace: made my me (see others in my shop)



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