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Five Things

Hello! Happy Friday!

Thanks for all the compliments on BB’s bed makeover. I was so happy with how it turned out – I am all about taking things that are broken and discarded and making them new again. (I’ve got a few more makeovers lined up in the coming weeks that I’m excited to share with you.) While I’m busy painting away, here are five things on my mind this week:

pumpkin1. Fall. It’s not really here yet (it was 97 degrees on Wednesday), but I can smell it in the air and feel it in the breeze. (Plus, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back.) Fall is my most favorite time of year (and not just because it’s my birthday season). Candles, blankets, boots, pumpkins, cardigans, apple crisp, bonfires, falling leaves – all of it fills me with joy. This week, I caved and bought my first pumpkin of the year (from the dollar bin at Target), and it made me so happy. (Also, this made me laugh.)

Life is art.

2. This quote. It reminds me a lot of this Dani Shapiro quote I came across earlier in the year, and it made me think about life and art and practice and how they all overlap. I keep pondering how to bring the idea of practice more and more into my life and into the things I make.

3. Old-Fashioned Niceties That Deserve a Comeback. I think a lot of these fall under Helena Bonham Carter’s definition of art (#2 above) – helping people, writing a letter, thanking people. And I’ve really been trying to “Pretend There’s a Phone Cord” when I make a call – not checking email, not scrolling Facebook, not walking from room to room, picking up books or folding the laundry. It’s hard when you are used to multi-tasking on the phone, but it is so, so good to really listen.

4. Yoga. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a regular yoga practice, but I came across 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene this week. Confession: I have only done Day 1, but it was great, and she is completely adorable. I’m all about small ways to make changes, and doing videos at home is a simple, small change. (Also, I’m curious – do you have other suggestions for at-home workouts? Most days, I rotate between weights in my den, the elliptical in my garage, and walking in our neighborhood, but I’m always up for something new. I’d love to hear if you have something you love!)

5. This made me laugh (and was also kind of sweet).

What are you up to this weekend? We are looking forward to an outdoor movie night, a Cub Scout event, and lots of play time. I’m also hoping to finish this book that I mentioned a few weeks ago. (Remember how I was hoping it would be a good read aloud for the kiddos? Yeah, NO. It’s pretty scary. It gave me crazy dreams after the first couple of chapters. But I still can’t put it down.) Hope you have an awesome weekend. Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Your list about fall almost made me excited. I LOVE summer but you almost almost had me at apple crisp. Home workouts? Lifting kids, push-ups on counter while waiting on water to boil. Jumping jacks in between swing pushes .. :)

  2. I love fall as well and I am sure it has nothing to do with my birthday. 😏I am eagerly anticipating cooler days ahead! It has become an annual tradition to head up to Hope Valley to take a walk along the Carson River and enjoy the fall colors…especially the golden Aspens. One of these years I am going to spend the weekend at Sorensen’s Resort. It’s a bucket list item. 😊 I loved the picture of the pumpkins on the porch…what I plan to do and what I really do. Every year (okay…almost every year) I host a pumpkin carving party for my family just before Halloween. We carve pumpkins and enjoy pumpkin soup…I may need to add an apple crisp as dessert this year. There is something about fall that inspires me to create and continue traditions. When my kids were little we started the tradition of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner before trick or treating. Mike and I still do this, although our grilled cheese sandwiches have gotten a bit fancier thanks to food network and Pinterest. The best part is my grown-up kids continue this tradition wherever they are and whenever they can, and we often discuss the merits of different breads and cheeses in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Fall is so wonderful and curling up with a book and a cup of tea in your pajamas by 8pm doesn’t mean you are sick. 😍

    1. Oh, I love this! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome fall ideas, Chelsae. I’m adding Hope Valley to my list of trips to take – sounds awesome. When have you found to be the best time to see the leaves there? And so cute that your kids carry on the grilled cheese tradition. I love it.

      1. We have had good luck in Hope Valley during the first couple of weekends in October. It’s always iffy with those leaves though. 😀 I am aiming for October 8th this year.


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