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Plum(b) Wore Out

plum dress + handmade necklace

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? (Or should I say how were your last two months?)

It’s been a really busy season for us. Once the new year started, we hit the ground running. I’m one of the fundraisers at BG’s preschool, and we have our big Bunco Night every February (more on last year’s event here and here), so the weeks leading up are hectic – it’s a full-time job. This year’s event was a BLAST and a huge success, and now that it’s done, I want to get back to sewing and making jewelry and finishing (starting?) projects.

But before I could do that, I needed a week to do nothing. I was exhausted (or, as my Appalachian Mammaw would say, I was “plumb wore out”). Turned out my week to do nothing included starting Little League with BB, ballet with BG, choir practice for BB, joining a small group for Husband and me, and catching up on all the life that passed by during January and February. Phew!

But finally, I felt I could make some space to be creative. I started small.

thrifted dress - before

First, I took this dress I thrifted. (It’s pink in some light, a plum purple in others. It’s magic!)

thrifted dress- before

It’s a super comfy sweatshirt material dress that started at a very unflattering length.

shorter hem for thrifted dress

A lot of times, thrifted dresses only need a little tweaking to update them. This one needed a shorter hemline.


And a removal of these weird plastic drawstring beads.



Much easier than I thought.

Since this was such an easy makeover, I made some earrings and a necklace to go with it.

beaded earrings

The earrings were made from two large beaded beads (get that?) that I salvaged from a necklace I found last week. I’ve been using the other beads from that necklace to try out some new earring designs. It’s been so much fun having time to just play.

handmade necklace

This necklace was made from recycled metal beads. I strung them on sterling silver wire and added a sterling silver chain.

plum dress + handmade necklace


plum dress + handmade necklace

plum dress + handmade necklace

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head back to my studio (cabinet) to play around with some more earrings.

Or take a nap, one of the two.

Let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be the nap.


4 thoughts on “Plum(b) Wore Out

  1. Great thrifted and me-made outfit!! Love the colours of the dress and pockets…they are the dress wearer’s holy grail. Very pretty necklace and earrings, perfect with the dress. Cheers, Michele


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