five things

Five Things

January mantel

Happy Friday!

Thanks for all the comments on my One Little Word for 2016. I loved reading about your resolutions and words and ideas for the New Year.

I got to practice building right away – not strength or community, but immunity. BG and I both battled colds this week, but we made the most of it by cozying up under blankets, sipping hot lemonade with honey, and watching Paddington (cute movie). We are mostly recovered and are looking forward to a quiet, well weekend (fingers crossed we didn’t share our germs with the boys). Here are a few things on my mind:

winter lights

1.Hygge. Pronounced “hoo-ga”, this Danish word means much more than “coziness” – it evokes a feeling that I crave this time of year that comes with lighted candles, warm socks, cozy blankets, and spending time with family. In the fall, our family started a tradition of dimmed lights, snuggling on the couch, telling stories before bed. Sometimes they are true (the stories of when the kids were born or how Husband and I met), sometimes they are classics (The Three Little Pigs), sometimes they are children’s originals (The Three Turtles Who Went for a Walk). In November, it was by candlelight, in December, by Christmas tree lights, and now, by little twinkling lights on the mantel. I love the feeling, and I look forward to inviting more little “hygge” traditions into our lives.


2.This quote, by writer and editor Joel Lovell, from his article about Stephen Colbert. (The entire GQ story on Colbert from August 2015 was great.)

3.Ramona Otto. At the library recently, I stumbled on Mary Randolph Carter’s book Never Stop to Think…Do I Have a Place for This? Now, I love antiques, I admire a good collection,and it’s almost impossible for me to pass by a thrift store, but Marie Kondo’s book has rubbed off on me. I find it harder and harder to live with any amount of clutter in my home. Even so, I enjoyed looking through the images of the homes of the collectors featured in the book. I was particularly taken with the story of the artist, Ramona Otto. A former teacher (like me), Otto says, “Something that’s been used and loved is something that appeals to me.” (Me, too!) Her pieces are beautiful and intricate collections of found objects that tell their own story as well as the bigger story of the artwork. I want to dive into each piece, especially American Childhood (pictured above).

4.This quote is a good one for starting off the year.

5.Made me laugh. And want to sing along.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m feeling like it’s time for a Marie Kondo refresher – I never went through the full process when I read the book, even though I did pick up some good insights that changed my habits. It’s time to really dive in, so I’m hoping for a chunk of “tidying” time on Saturday. After a season of busy weekends, I’m looking forward to just puttering around. Oh, and hopefully finishing my advent calendar. I know, I’m a bit late, but I’ll be sure to post it when it’s finished. Even if that means Feburary. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend!




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