Spruced Up Doors

This is how our den looked on Labor Day:


As I was raiding the bookshelves for this little project, I realized I never posted about our “upgraded” (BB’s favorite word) doors project – oops! (I did post on Instagram about it here and here.)

We are slowly working to update all of the interior doors in our house.

Several months ago, Husband suggested we paint the interior doors a fun color. The doors are inexpensive hollow core doors that have probably been here since the house was built in the 1960s. We are not in the market to completely replace all the doors (replacing all the windows is MUCH higher on The Big List), so painting would be a more cost effective alternative. Before we painted, I wanted to add….something. Several hours and multiple Pinterest photos later, we decided to use trim to add some “architectural interest” to the doors.

We started in the entryway.


The closet doors in the entryway are directly perpendicular to the front doors (above). I wanted the trim detail to echo the proportions of the front doors, so I started out by measuring the “border” around the front door windows and the crossbuck panel at the bottom. (Yes, I googled that. No, I had no idea that’s what it was called.)


I used the measurements to draw guidelines on the closet doors. We used a miter box to cut the trim at an angle, pieced it together like a picture fram, and adhered the trim to the doors with liquid nails.


Even before it was painted, I was already in love.


The stacks of books help to keep the trim pressed down on the doors while the liquid nails dries. (Free weights help, too.)


After the liquid nails was set, we used a putty knife to clean up any excess before moving on to painting.


The hardest part was choosing the “fun” color – we went with Lime Zest.


Here’s Husband, on Fathers’ Day morning, before the kids even woke up, painting the doors.


I love how these turned out! Just a little detail can make a BIG difference.


We changed out the door knobs and hinges as well.


Edgar is thrilled with his new view.


This weekend, we worked on the kids’ bathroom door and a small hall closet door. We are still in discussions as to whether they will be painted bright white or get a “fun” color treatment as well. Stay tuned! Only seven more doors to go!


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