Five Things

Happy Friday!

It’s been almost one week since the big fundraiser, and life around here has felt so quiet. I know there are busy days on the horizon, but for now, I’m savoring quiet mornings with coffee and books, little people in PJs until lunchtime, and afternoons spent outside until dinner.

In the midst of the calm, here are a few things on my mind this week:


1. This book. I finished it Wednesday night, and I immediately wanted clean out ALL THE THINGS. For some reason, the china cabinet called to me first. The author says you have to start with clothes, and Husband (who hasn’t read the book) said we should start in the den. I’m hoping my motivation remains strong without re-reading because it’s a library book, and I waited almost two months to get it. I feel like purchasing it would defeat the purpose. I’ll let you know how it goes.

2. Speaking of cleaning out closets, this was a great read on balance.

3. Outdoor daybeds. I finally found one on Craigslist for a steal! Now I need to find a relatively cheap mattress and decide what color covering I want for it on our back porch. And pillows! Oh, the possibilities. Can’t wait to sit out here this spring and read. Or nap. Definitely see some back porch naps in my future.

billy joel

4. A ranking of all of Billy Joel’s songs. Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits Volume I and Volume II sounds like high school for me, even though the songs came out quite a few years before that. I remember listening to “Only the Good Die Young” on my Sony Discman that was attached to my car with a cassette attached to a cord (remember those?) on the way to play practice and dance rehearsals. I saw him in concert when I was 15, where he closed with “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”. “She’s Got a Way About Her” is still one of the prettiest songs I know. I loved Movin’ Out. And honestly, while I don’t know many of the songs on this list, the ones I do always make me smile. Isn’t that what pop music is all about, really?

5. This made me laugh. Electric Youth perfume. Totally guilty.

What are you up to this weekend? We’ve got lots of fun things on the calendar that will keep us busy. Hoping for a little downtime for reading – I’ve got no less than 7 library books checked out. Also hoping to add a few new jewelry pieces to my Etsy shop. Hope your weekend is full of calm and quiet and respite and making good memories.



4 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I had almost all 15 of those items, especially electric youth perfume. Why don’t they still make all of those? I would like some kissing ocean today.

  2. I’ve been reading through that book also by Marie Kondo. I can’t say there’s anything new in there for me, but I really liked some of her ideas. Like the extra buttons? I’m not sure I want to toss them, but she’s right that I seldom use them – although when I do, I really need them or else I’ll be replacing every single stinking button. For someone who isn’t used to decluttering, she really gives a great perspective on what’s important and what shouldn’t be.

    And thanks for that link on life work balance. I found it inspiring and thoughtful.

    BTW – if you are going to declutter, I find one thing that works for me is when I’m unsure, I put it in a bag and store it in the garage for a few months. If I dig it out, I’m glad it’s still there. But if I don’t, it’s time to let it go. Sometimes I dig things out and then get rid of them again during the next purge, but by then I know it’s the right time to let it go.

    Here’s a link that I commented on about this:



    1. I like the bag idea for some of the harder things, but I think there are some areas that are beyond that – like my closet. :) Need to ride this wave of inspiration and just let things go. Hope it works. Great to hear from you, Nancy!


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