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Five Things Friday (+ a few more)

Happy Friday!

january mantleWell, hello there, friends. Apparently I decided to take most of January off. I wish, around January 2nd, I had said, “Hey, you know what? I should totally take the month of January off!” And then you would have imagined me sitting by the fire, lounging, reading books, working puzzles.

I did end up taking most of January off from the blog, but it wasn’t quite like that.  I’ve been wanting to be here, and I’ve been saving up LOADS of good stuff to share on Fridays, but I just haven’t felt like I had the time. I know, in reality, the time could have been found. But I’ve been working on our preschool’s Bunco fundraiser. There is SO MUCH to do. Don’t get me wrong, it is SUPER fun, and I love it, but I felt like I couldn’t take time to do some sewing or blogging or anything else because I still haven’t gotten to the end of my to-do list. (I DID decorate the mantle for January, so I’m including some photos here before I change it all next week for Valentine’s Day.)

snow garland

january  mantle booksBut, one day this week, I got a few things off the list that have been nagging me for weeks, so I treated myself to a little sewing time. (It ended up being a lot of sewing time – I’m still not finished – but it felt so good to work on a project just for me that I went back to my to-do list with more energy and excitement. And I got a lot more done. Win-win!) I’m hoping to finish up my sewing project this weekend and get it posted next week, but really, it’s Bunco month, so all bets are off.

So, aside from donations and dice and all things fundraising, here are a few things on my mind this week month:

black + white potty

1. The Potty Perspective.

You know who has this gratitude thing down? Kids.

On Monday, we got two new toilets. (You can see one of them in the photo above in all its new potty glory. Pay no attention to the wall behind said potty – it’s going to be getting a repair and paint job very soon.) If we’re Facebook friends, you know that the giant box the toilet came in was as exciting – nay, MORE exciting – than getting a new toilet. It’s the only thing the two kids have played with for the last 4 days.

And yet, the new toilet has made an impression. Every time BG goes potty – or walks by the potty – she exclaims, “Hey! We got a new potty!” It is just as new and thrilling as it was on Monday. Every single time. Seventeen times already today. She is thrilled with having a new potty.

It’s made me stop this week and think, what if we approached more things in life with those kind of eyes? What if every time we got something new, we really noticed its newness instead of just moving on to the next new thing? What would our spending habits look like if we appreciated everything to the degree a three-year-old does? Would we always be in search of the next great thing, or would we take time to celebrate the little things as if they were big?

I know. It’s just a potty. Read on, I’ve got more exciting things. Like….


2. Kale.

I’m buying it by the pound and using it in everything – soup, quiche, omelets. I know, I know, you say, we’re all eating kale. But are you massaging it? I learned about this a few weeks ago as I was throwing together a kale salad. It made a huge difference in taste. And then, just a few days later, my friend served the best kale chips I’ve ever had. Secret? Massaging with a tiny bit of olive oil. Perfect.

3. Closing Time.

I’m sure you’ve seen this – it’s been all over Facebook. I watched it a couple of weeks ago, and it made me smile. Then, as I am wont to do, I went down the rabbit hole, googling the lead singer, Dan Wilson. Click on that link and scroll down to see the songs he’s written. Amazing. And such a variety of songs, too. I’ve been totally inspired by him this week.

children's books

4. What your favorite children’s book series says about you.

The Baby-sitters Club was my favorite. And that description is pretty spot on. Have you seen this blog about Claudia Kishi? Fantastic. (And this made me laugh. Language warning.)

5. Made me think.

…and a few more things:

1. Have you seen this Instagram? Hilarious. (And here’s a quirky one that also cracks me up.)

2. These maps and charts are pretty cool.

3. Have you seen this? I know, they are dolls. But they are incredible. It made me think about how unique our perspectives are and how we all have something that sets us apart, makes us unique, some “art” that we can contribute in some way. We might not be classical painters or gifted musicians. You might open up the kitchen cabinets and throw together a fantastic meal. You might spin amazing stories to your children before bedtime. You might been a keen observer who shares beautiful words of encouragement that can change the course of someone’s day. I am someone who finds beauty and possibility in things that other might pass by. We all have a gift, something to share that can inspire, bring nourishment, share love.


4. And finally, drink to your health.

I poured a glass of wine the other night and said, “Here’s my exercise for the day!

Husband: What are you talking about?

Me: Haven’t you been reading my blog?

Husband: (blank stare)

Me: A glass of red wine is as good for you as 30 minutes of exercise.

Husband: (rolls eyes)

Me: You should totally be reading my blog.

Here’s another great finding from the world of science. You’re welcome.

Happy Weekend! I’ve got Moms’ Night Out and a birthday party on the calendar. And, of course, the Super Bowl. Let’s be honest, I really just learned the names of the teams playing this week. I’ll be watching for the commercials. What are you up to this weekend? Will you watch the game? Are you a die-hard fan for either team? I’d love to hear, and thanks for reading!





8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday (+ a few more)

  1. Ok I loved the charts and maps! The map of the USA with the states labeled as countries of approximately the same size was great. And the one showing that we are only one of THREE countries that don’t use the metric system. I had no idea. I figured there were many systems of measurement being used. I really think we we should make the move. Great stuff this week. I will also be watching the Super Bowl but really just for the friends and the commercials. I have been typing up my notes from my trip to Africa and adding more details before they slip away while fighting a cold. I found a new singer I really like after hearing one of his songs in a Subaru commercial. A Subaru commercial?? I know but, gosh, he is just great. Also trying to catch up on the NPR radio series, Serial. I am not done yet but really enjoying it. As always, I enjoyed your blog this week! 😊

    1. Thanks, Chelsae! I’ve heard so much about Serial but haven’t listened yet. I would love to hear about your Africa trip sometime. So glad you got to go visit. And now I’m off to search Subaru commercial music…. Have a great weekend!

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