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31 Days: Color – Day 30: Purple Paisley Blouse

I think this is really going to happen. I know in past years of 31 Days (2012 and 2013), I’ve successfully posted 31 posts in October. But this year, it feels like quite an accomplishment to actually finish these 31 posts before the end of 2014. If I actually finish before the end of 2014.

vintage purple paisley

I found this purple and orange paisley blouse at the thrift store weeks (months?) ago, but then I lost it. (And by “lost it”, I mean Husband put it in a bag with the leftovers of this purple fabric, so I didn’t think to look there until I was on an all-out search.)

faux pockets

It had these faux pockets, which were just little strips of fabric, attached on 3 sides. I used my seam ripper to carefully removed them.


Then I cut off the sleeves and used this simple scarf hem technique to hem the sleeves. Confession: I didn’t even use pins – I just folded as I sewed – and it worked beautifully.


I love all things paisley, and when you pair orange with its “nemesis”, well, I love it even more.

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small button

This post is part of a 31 day series. Find all the posts in this series here.

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9 thoughts on “31 Days: Color – Day 30: Purple Paisley Blouse

  1. It looks nice! I like how the sleeves turned out. You might consider putting some darts in the back to make to give it a little more shape and then you wouldn’t have to tuck it in. I like how it goes with your jeans – the colors looks good together!

    Eh, so if you finish by 12/31, great! If not, you’ll finish in January. So? You did good but this year life got in the way.

    Happy New Year if you don’t hear from me sooner!


    1. Darts scare me! I think I need to give them a try, though. I’ve got several pieces that could use some darts.

      Happy New Year to you, too, Nancy! Best wishes – hope 2015 is the best one yet!


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