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Plaid Scarf from PJs


I pulled out this scarf last week to wear, and I realized I never posted it.

Last winter I was on a plaid kick. (Still am, really, considering I’ve worn my red flannel shirt weekly, and I bought some buffalo check flannel last time I was at the fabric store. Just feels so cozy.) When I went in search of something red and plaid to thrift to make a scarf, the only things I found were pajama pants.

plaid pajamas

Quick quiz: Do you say “puh-JAM-uh” or “puh-JAH-muh”? I’ve always said the latter, but I often shorten them to Jammies. My mom always called them “JAH-merz” when shortening the word, keeping the original pronunciation intact. I love hearing different regional pronunciations. And when I take those online quizzes, I always get that I’m from the South. Of course.


Anyway, I found these pants at a consignment shop in decent condition. I washed them well and set out to cut the largest pieces of fabric I could from each leg.

DIY plaid scarf from PJs

I ended up with four identical strips with no seams or hems.


I just snipped and ripped to make the fabric edges straight. There were lots of loose strings to cut.

DIY Plaid Scarf from PJs

Next I ironed the fabric strips and laid them out to see how I wanted to piece them.

DIY Plaid Scarf from PJs

I matched long edges of two pieces and pinned them together.

DIY Plaid Scarf from PJs

I repeated for the other two strips.

DIY Plaid Scarf from PJs

I ran a straight stitch down, following one of the stripes in the plaid, and repeated on the other two pieces.


I pressed open the seams and then pieced the two short edges together. I left the seam allowances open (and the edges unhemmed) because I don’t care if it frays, but I did go back and run a zigzag stitched down the middle of the seams for a little extra security.


These are the right sides of the four corners sewn together.


The scarf is long enough to wrap around twice. (See? I used it in photos last winter for one of my Sweatshirt 2.0 projects.)

DIY Plaid Scarf from PJs

A quick and easy project that would make a great gift –

plaid scarf from pjs

if you know people who would like to wear puh-JAH-muhz as a scarf.


6 thoughts on “Plaid Scarf from PJs

  1. Love that scarf. I say pajamas both ways…dad from Oklahoma and mom from New York…I have confused pronunciation on a few things. I usually say jammies though. However in our family it is more like a verb. Go jammy up! Or… I am going to go jammy up…don’t start that show without me! Those online quizzes for language have me all over the map. I remember one time in college someone asked me “where did you go to high school?” I said “Burney”. They asked ” is that in Alabama?” Ummm. No. Northern California. 😆

    1. I love jammy as a verb – adding to my vocabulary immediately! Alabama – that’s funny. Did you go to college here? I mean, I’m not from here, but I’ve heard of Burney. :)

  2. Love the great quality photos…they definitely illustrate the step by step process you went through. Oh, and for the record, any pajamas worn during the holidays should be called “jingle jams.” The cool kids in the Old Navy commercial told me so! :)


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