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31 Days: Color – Day 21: Mellow Yellow Clutch

Remember these pants?

yellow pants

As soon as I chopped the legs off of them to make a skirt, I thought they were the perfect size to make a clutch. I had forgotten that I was going to make another clutch this month. So here’s the 2nd one. Don’t be surprised if there’s a 3rd. They aren’t too difficult to make, so they’re a little addictive.


I removed the hem and seams from the legs, leaving the largest piece of fabric I could.


Then I evened up the sides to make the sides a perfect rectangle. The measurements are 8 1/2″ x 16″ for each piece.


I placed right sides together and sewed one side, what would be the bottom of the clutch.


I pressed open that seam.


Next I found some charcoal gray felt for the liner. I cut this to 16″ x 17″.


I decided to attach the two pieces of fabric together before attempting the zipper. I placed the liner felt facing the wrong side of the corduroy before sewing.


Then I sewed the zipper on each side by facing the the right side (meaning outside when closed) down on the right side of the corduroy. (Yes, you expert zipper-sewers, I quickly realized that I didn’t line the zipper up correctly. I’m okay with it for this project, but I should have reread the directions before sewing.) I repeated this on the other side of the clutch. Then I unzipped the zipper halfway before sewing up the remaining sides of the clutch. I turned it inside out and pushed the corners out.


And there it is, a new clutch from the leftovers of a pair of pants.


A random interesting result of this 31 Days of Color has been seeing the projects to be done lined up beside each other (I have a little garment rack that’s been holding all my “diamonds in the rough” in the garage). It’s given me fresh eyes for color combinations. Orange and yellow is my current favorite.


And clearly life has mellowed out since the Rummage Sale. If you’ve been following this 31 Days series, you’ll notice I’m a day behind in posting my projects. I’m totally fine with it. See what a good night’s sleep will do for you?

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5 thoughts on “31 Days: Color – Day 21: Mellow Yellow Clutch

  1. You make orange and yellow look very sophisticated :) I love the clutch, it’s the perfect colour and size that I never thought of but now I need it!


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