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31 Days: Color – Day 10: Green Fail

Happy Friday!

So, I’ll just start by saying this project was a fail – or at least it is so far.

I’ve been wanting a pair of green pants for a long time.


I thrifted these back in the spring. They were a little too big (and are also petites), but I thought I could make them work anyway. My plan was to make them loose fit cropped pants to wear with heels. I don’t think I have any pants in my closet that aren’t denim or cords – and haven’t since my teaching days. Might be fun to break out of the jeans rut every once in a while.


I used my chalk to mark my hemlines. The turquoise/light blue chalk with the green pants made me think of this image I pinned a couple of years ago:

blues + green

Love these colors. (Can’t find image source, but pretty sure it’s J.Crew)


Since the pants originally had a blind hem, I decided to use the same technique to hem them.


This isn’t the best blind hemming I’ve done, but it’s not terrible. What’s terrible is the fit of these pants.


They are just too big. I was hoping they would look cute in a comfy-oversized-pants-paired-with-fitted-blouse kind of way. Not so much.


Love these colors.


Don’t love these pants. When I have a little more time (not trying to post every day and catch up after last week), I will follow this tutorial (yes, my own – I don’t remember how I did it) to tailor these pants to fit.

Then I’ll wear them like this and this and this. Until then, I’ll be wearing this green necklace with this blue shirt. A lot. And probably with jeans.

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