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31 Days: Color – Day 5: Blue Prairie

Before we get started on our project, have a listen to this song:

blue prairie dress

This dress started out as a prairie dress. I’m pretty sure I had a very similar dress like this in the late ’80s/early ’90s that I wore to church. I remember fully embracing that prairie look. (I think I also had one in solid denim, and I also had one in a jumper. Remember jumpers? Not the British word for sweater, but sleeveless dresses that you wore over a t-shirt? The classic teacher dress. Yeah, I had a few of those, too. Minus embroidered chalkboards and apple buttons.)

bobbie brooks

Up close, you can see the fabric is actually a tiny checked print. By Bobbie Brooks. You know I love a good label. And I love blue. For most of my life, blue has been my favorite color. Enough so that, when I was in middle school, I decided if I were ever in a band, it would be called “blue.” Lowercase B and a period. Oh, middle school, you are full of memories that will forever keep me humble.

(Upon googling blue, it turns out there is a British boy band called “Blue”. The guys are about my age, old enough to form a reunion tour. The things your learn during research. And as Husband told BB last week when he asked what “research” meant, “When people say they researched something, they mean they googled it. Do you know what google means?”

BB: “It means they typed their question into the computer.”

Husband: “That’s right.”

BB: “I like to do research.”)

hemming a shirt dress

All I did for this dress was hem it. I unbuttoned the whole dress to lay it out flat. I measured another shirt dress I have in my closet to determine the correct length.

quick hem

I used chalk and a ruler (and my quick hem technique) to draw four lines. The second line from the left will be the actual hemline. I cut, folded, ironed, folded, ironed, pinned, and sewed. It was a quick project.

hemmed blue prairie dress

When I first thrifted it for $1, this is exactly how I envisioned it – a quick throw-on dress.

hemmed blue shirt dress

Perfect to transition into fall…

blue prairie dress denim jacket

and decidedly not a middle school jumper.

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small button

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