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31 Days: Color – Day 4: Green House Necklace

When I first started planning out my rainbow of projects, I thought about my green necklace.

I love this necklace (layered here with a vintage blue necklace) – I found it shopping at an estate sale, a new realm of bargain hunting for me. This necklace was a great price and made me rethink my previous notion that estates sales were only for expensive items.

Fast forward a few years to last summer when we were deep into house hunting. We were touring the house that would become our 2nd offer on a house, the one that Husband loved. We were standing in the kitchen with our realtor when this necklace broke, beads spilling across the ’60s linoleum floor.

“It’s a sign! This is going to be our house!”

broken green necklace

Nope. Just a broken necklace (and maybe a broken heart on another house that wasn’t to be ours). Three offers later, we would find THE ONE that would be perfect for us.

So I was thinking about fixing my green necklace for a 31 Days project, but then I realized that wouldn’t really be adding color because it was really just a repair.

Instead, I found another vintage green necklace in my bin, cut it apart, and made it into something new.

green necklace

This vintage necklace had yellow-green separator beads that I reused in the new design. I like the little extra bit of color.


This shade of green is probably my most favorite color.


And just like finding our house, I think this new green necklace is the best one yet.

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4 thoughts on “31 Days: Color – Day 4: Green House Necklace

  1. You picked the best topic for 31 Days! I love seeing what you’re doing with the colors. And I love the honesty in your photos. It’s a real you, eyes closed and all. It’s like me posting photos where my face is all scrunched up from laughing. My Mom gripes about why I couldn’t find a better picture to use, but it’s me. I scrunch my face when I’m happy.


    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Nancy! I’m enjoying your series as well – you’re transparent about life and struggles and learning. Keep it up!

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