five things

Five Things

Happy Friday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week. It was a CRAZY day, but loads of fun and sweet surprises. And chocolate cake! It was a great birthday. Here are a few things on my mind this week:

rain boots

1. Rain. I woke at 5:30 yesterday morning to the sound of rain. If you didn’t know, we’re in a bit of a drought, so the sound of rain was glorious. The windows were open, and you could smell that sweet rain smell throughout the house. After I got home from the gym, the kids had already finished breakfast and were clamoring to get on their rain boots and head out to stomp in the puddles. They ran and splashed all the way around the block, and we all returned home soaked and dirty with pink cheeks and lots of giggles. And BG kept shouting, “It’s WINTER! It’s WINTER!” Such a California girl. (I didn’t get a photo from yesterday’s rain fun, but it made me dig up this gem from last year’s first rain. We weren’t quite this dirty yesterday, but close!)

2. This is what brave means. “Brave people are just people who trust themselves more than they trust the crowd.” This was such a great post and a good reminder about trusting our kids and supporting their decisions. I can’t stop thinking about this and how I can let BB and BG be their own kind of brave.

3. Why writing is important. I’ve talked about journaling before here (and also here), and I’ve always felt so much more content when I’m consistently writing in some way, whether it’s in my little sketchbooks or here on the blog. After I read the article, I made a conscious effort to grab my pen and a few quiet moments each day to get thoughts on paper.

I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. - Vincent Van Gogh4. This quote. I read it in this book earlier in the week, and then it popped up on my Pinterest feed. (I finished that book, and now I’m finally reading this one – and it’s fascinating! So many books, so little time….)

3. The Rummage Sale. All the CRAZY FUN starts next week. I had a nightmare last night that I overslept and missed the first two hours of setup. If I’m a little MIA next week, know that I’m up to my ears in sorting donations and pricing and wanting to be posting. I’m hoping to have a few posts ready for 31 Days, but at this point, I’m just not making any promises.

Looking forward to the weekend! It should be a pretty mellow one – soccer and a birthday party and that’s about it. I’ll be going to bed early in hopes of banking up my sleep for next week! What are you up to this weekend?



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