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I Got My White Pants On

Have you seen this on Jimmy Fallon? I just LOOK at Will Ferrell and start cracking up. (Language warning!)

(The J.Lo. one is pretty funny, too.)

As BB says, that song just gets “stuck up in my head”. (Obviously, THAT song doesn’t get “stuck up” in his head – but this one does.)

So all day, I’ve been singing it, but with “white pants” instead of “tight pants”.


I like these jeans, but I just haven’t worn them. They are bootcut, which I almost never wear, and they are too long. I’m most likely going to wear them with flats or sandals, but even with heels, I would prefer them to hit at the ankles.


I tried them on and pinned them where I’d like them to hit.


Using chalk, I drew a line where the new hem should fall. I added another line 1/2″ down to mark where to press them, and then I used a rotary blade to cut them 1/2″ below that.


Ironed, pinned, ironed again, and ready to sew.


That’s what I was hoping for. Perfect summer white jeans just in time for fall – but the highs are still in the 90s, so I’ll be okay for a few more weeks. And then…


…since the bootcut hem has been removed, I can tuck them into boots for fall.

(Wooden bead necklace from my Etsy shop)

PS – Speaking of my shop, I made my first sale this week! And I just added a bunch of new earrings – go check them out!


2 thoughts on “I Got My White Pants On

  1. How perfect that you posted this cooler weather outfit on the first overcast morning….and I have to say that that last picture makes me wanna go out and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Fall is here!! :)
    PS: Congratulations on your sale!!


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