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No Ruffled Feathers Skirt

So, I was thinking about what I should do for the rest of September – because you know 31 Days is coming in October! I could keep going with the How to Update Vintage series, but really, there are so many of those that it will probably just be ongoing for the REST OF MY LIFE.

Then I thought of my white dress. What better way to celebrate September than a complete disregard of Labor Day fashion rules and dedicate the rest of September’s projects to WHITE!

Today’s project would have been a great one during my two weeks without a sewing machine, but I forgot about it. You know how people talk about “pregnancy brain” (no, I’m not expecting) and “nursing brain”? I think it’s just Mama brain. I am so forgetful these days. I was at a meeting last night, dividing up jobs, and I had to stop, not once, but twice, for my friend to repeat herself because I completely missed it the first time.


So, I got this skirt, knowing I was going to change it. I was looking for a straight white skirt, something simple and basic to wear with everything. I was hoping to find a white denim skirt, but in the realm of thrift shopping, you can’t always get THAT specific.


It’s pretty cute, but I’m not much of a ruffle kind of gal. I knew when I bought it, the pleated/ruffled bottom of the skirt would have to go. I saved it for a time when my seam ripper and I could become best buds, thinking I would take apart the hem, remove the pleats, and rehem.


But then when I looked at it, I decided, What the hay! Let’s just cut it off very carefully and see what happens. Only one tool needed for this – the fabulous F scissors. F for “fabric” of course. Need some super sharp ones if you’re going to cut that close to a hem.




Perfect! Just what I wanted.

Speaking of things you lose when you become a Mama, would you believe I used to have curly hair?


I know – the epitome of maturity – the only photo I can find right now. I’m not even sure how old this photo is (celebrating Magazine Mom’s birthday) but I was still wearing a watch, so before I had an iPhone, obviously. Anyway, lots of waves and curls. After I had BG, my hair went straight. Like, stick straight at the ends.

DSC_0071I decided to try my best to have curly hair today – I used product AND a diffuser, and this is the best I could get. Seems that BG took all my curls with her, because she has the most beautiful golden ringlets. I kinda miss those curls.


Anyway, thrilled with how this turned out. That’s the secret to thrift shopping – make it work.


And here’s how I’ll wear it with boots this fall.

Rules, schmools, I say.



4 thoughts on “No Ruffled Feathers Skirt

  1. The reason you no longer have any curls is due to the hours you had me sit with a hair dryer in one hand and a hairbrush in the other hand to make sure that hair was as straight as I could get it. Then BG took the rest.


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