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Five Things

Happy Friday!

How’s your week been? It’s been a pretty good week here – much better than the last time Husband was out of town. We met up with friends at the park, visited artBEAST for the first time (SO FUN!), had swim lessons, picnicked in the backyard, visited a classic car show, and did lots of random creating and building. We’re trying to soak up the last few days of summer vacation. Here are a few things on my mind this week:


1. School. BB starts Kindergarten next week. I am so excited for him and this new adventure. He is excited, too, although I think he has some confusion about what it’s all about. Last week, he brought a book to me, and I told him I would read it when I finished the dishes.

BB: But, Mama, I have to know how to read before I can go to Kindergarten!

Me: No, buddy, you LEARN to read in Kindergarten or maybe even 1st grade. (No pressure!)

BB: That’s not true, Mama.

Me: Did someone tell you that?

BB: No, I just KNOW, Mama. You have to read before Kindergarten.

Um, well, I have taught Kindergarten AND 1st grade, so I might know a LITTLE bit more about it than you. (I didn’t say that last part.) (But I really wanted to.)

It has been fun to see him learning and growing. He can already read some words, and as a result of his journaling this summer, he’s getting pretty good at sounding out words and writing them down. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


2. Fall. The weather this week has been milder, with nice breezes and cool nights that hint at fall. I’m sure we’ve got at least one more hot spell until fall is really here, but just that little something in the air has me excited for apple cider, changing leaves, and college football Saturdays. It can’t get here fast enough.


3. Work. I am so excited about “The Work We Do” series over at Hither and Thither (read the first post of the series here). I keep thinking about what one of the commenters on this post had to say:

“I can see myself loving architecture, being a painter, publishing, etc.- I think it’s a lot more productive…to espouse the attitude that there is no singular “right” path – there are many of them – and that while it may be tough to transition between them, it’s still very possible to make changes.”

What a gift to live in a time where we have so many choices. Not that having an array of choices necessarily makes us happier – some studies show the opposite is true (this book is on my To-Read list) – but even 100 years ago, we didn’t have so many options. I think about Southern Appalachia, where I’m from. Historically, I don’t think the majority of people there worried about finding their “dream job” – they just did something and worked hard at it to provide for their families. And I think there is still something very noble in that – in finding fulfillment in whatever place you are, knowing you are serving people, helping your community, supporting your family. But it is also refreshing to have that freedom – to be able to seek out work that moves you, empowers you, makes you come alive – and then, if the work doesn’t do that anymore, having the freedom to change it.

img001-0024. Beautiful Objects. I’m getting ready to launch my Etsy shop! I’m busy finishing up little details here and there and trying to keep it simple, remembering my One Little Word: SLOW. I’ll have more details next week and a few little giveaways, too!

5. Sleep! I’m typing this on Thursday, and Husband will be returning home late tonight after another work trip. I know I’ll wake up when I hear his keys at the door, so I’m going to bed early. This week, I’ve been trying to turn off technology sooner, read a couple of chapters in my book, and keep the room cold (I sleep better that way, but I found this article about sleeping cold interesting). I feel like these small shifts have really improved my quality of sleep.

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? We’ve got the normal weekend catch-up, a birthday party, and a preschool board work party, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a date night, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend – thanks for reading!


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