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My Week in Numbers

silver numbers

So, I haven’t posted projects like I planned. I’m just going to say, “It’s been a week.” As the day has worn on (and the whole week, actually), I’ve realized it’s been one of those wacky times where all semblance of order gets thrown out the window, and you just survive the best you can.

So, I present to you “My Week in Numbers”:

  • 3: Number of days Husband has been out of town
  • 4: Number of times I’ve hired a babysitter since he’s been gone, partly because…
  • 1: Number of evening meetings attended, and…
  • 2: Number of times I’ve taken Molly (the cat) to the vet
  • 5: Number of times I’ve cleaned up after Molly (the cat) – you don’t want to know what this means, because it’s worse than what you’re thinking
  • 2: Number of days it rained this week – in August, a month in which it NEVER rains in Northern California
  • 2: Number of failed vintage projects
  • 1: Number of broken sewing machines – :( see above
  • 1: Number of times I opened the front door IN MY BATHROBE to a city inspector here to sign off on our dishwasher install permit (They are supposed to call first. They didn’t.)
  • 5: Number of months since dishwasher installation
  • 1: Number of lost dishwasher installation permits
  • 1: Number of self-imposed Mama timeouts I took in order to NOT FLIPPIN’ LOSE IT
  • 2: Number of peanut butter cookies I ate during timeout
  • 1: Number of glasses of wine that accompanied me to timeout
  • 0: Number of things I’ve crossed off my to-do list
  • 5: Number of random things I’ll share with you tomorrow for Five Things Friday, because this week is NOTHING if not random

Is it some kind of Murphy’s Law thing that all the crazy happens when your significant other is out of town? If that’s so, next week better be AMAZINGLY calm! How’s your week been?

PS – I’ve been working on organizing the blog pages a bit – getting projects linked up in categories in the header – all the jewelry, style, and house projects in their own place. And – I KNOW -I’ve had that little SHOP link up there trailing off into nothingness, but stay tuned – I’m launching a little shop of handmade pieces soon!

{Top Image: OBCSupply via Etsy}


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