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Rouge Is a Fancy Way of Saying Red

We have just discovered the Fancy Nancy books – have you read them? They are a huge hit at our house. After taking 3 years of French (17 years ago – ahem), my ability to recall vocabulary is poor, but my pronunciation is still spot-on. BB and BG get a kick out of me reading the French parts in full accent.


Anyway, last Friday was Moms’ Night Out. I picked out a dress and wanted to make a red necklace to go with it. (I blame it on all the red projects on my mind lately.)


I picked out a vintage necklace that I thrifted a few months ago, and I reworked it with gold-filled wire and chain.


I used the spacers from the original necklace to add a little detail at the end of the headpins.


It was a quick project that I finished up during nap time.


C’est magnifique!

Have a great day – thanks for reading!


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