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Sweatshirt Tee


A few weeks ago, Husband was traveling to Portland. He travels a bit more these days, and I hold down the fort pretty well. There are always a few things that slip when he’s out of town – the flowers don’t get watered when they are scheduled, floors are definitely not as well swept, I forget to serve fruit.

One thing Husband is in charge of is the Whole House Fan. We watch the outside temperature like hawks and flip that sucker on the moment it dips below 80 degrees. LOVE the Whole House Fan. It was warm the week Husband was gone, so I relished turning it on every evening, and I set it to run all night. I forgot, however, to see what the overnight temperatures would be. One morning, I woke up to the cat trying to get REALLY cozy. I realized why as soon as I got out of bed – it was 54 degrees in our house!

Of course, if you have small children, you know that when anything with sound – room fan, noise machine, Whole House Fan – is suddenly stopped, the sleeping children wake up immediately. It was 5:30AM – no chance I was going to turn that thing off now! (The kids rooms aren’t affected by the fan, so they stay around 72 all night, regardless of the temperature of the rest of the house.) So as I was making coffee, I pulled out a sweatshirt, thick yoga pants, my Uggs, and some gloves and shivered until the kids woke up. Lesson learned!

high-res-white-page (2)-003

So even though it’s June, I’m still wearing sweatshirts from time to time, so I’ll post one more Sweatshirt 2.0 project for now. I’m sure there will be others come fall.


While I love a big oversized sweatshirt, I wanted to use a smaller, more fitted one for this project. I started out by chopping off the sleeves.


I thought that might be the end – it looked okay, but the more I wore it, the more I wanted the sleeves to be a little more fitted, a little less bell-shaped. (Looking back at this photo, though, I think it was fine the way it was.)


I marked where I wanted the sleeves to come together underneath and then used chalk to mark the new seams. I sewed along these lines and then finished the edges with a zigzag stitch.


This made it fit more like a t-shirt, which was my original plan.


I paired it with this super fun red skirt I found at the thrift store. I love the mix of the fullness and pleats with a basic sweatshirt.


The gold clutch was another fun vintage find, which apparently doubles as a sun visor when I’m trying to see if my camera is working.


I’m going to wear my sweatshirt tee as much as possible, because I know, once July hits, we’ll have those strings of 100+ days, and sweatshirts and cold mornings searching for gloves will be but a laugh.


8 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Tee

  1. Wow Nicole…red is your color!! Hopefully Husband is home now so he can take you out on a date in your new outfit :)
    Ps…I want a whole house fan!!

    1. Thank you, friend! :) And yes, the whole house fan is pretty amazing. PS – Speaking of house stuff – the carpet is gone! Not as great underneath as I was hoping, so lots more work to do, but feeling hopeful!


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