five things

five things

Yes, it’s been over two months since I’ve posted. Would you believe I have thought about blogging every single day? And that I’ve thought about my final sweatshirt project every single day? It’s true. But it’s been a whirlwind of a spring. BB’s last day of preschool was this week, and I’ll admit, there were more than a few tears. These little days are going by so quickly, and even though I’ve been slowing down and taking notice, they still keep passing.

You might have noticed I’m changing the blog around a little. It needs a little sprucing up, a little simplifying down. Just like decorating my home, I’ll never be “done” – I’ve always got little tweaks for the blog (and I’ve got plans for the house – stay tuned – it’s about to get messy around here).

Today, I’m sharing “Five Things” – what I’ve been up to, what’s inspiring me – a little scrapbook of things from my week. No rhyme or reason. Here goes:


1. Parties. For years in our old house, I just wanted space to entertain. In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to host two events in our new house, and I am thrilled! When we were in the thick of crazy house hunting last summer, I couldn’t imagine that we would find a place that we LOVE and that is perfectly suited for us. Sitting outside at a baby shower I helped host, chatting with friends, looking around at people scattered in groups in different corners of our home and backyard, I was filled with joy. Feeling SO BLESSED! (I made these little ribbon chandeliers for one of the parties – tutorial coming soon!)

So, do you want to come over for a party?

library books

2. Books. Took the kids to the library today. Left after 5 minutes because of SOMEONE’S giant two-year-old meltdown, but not before picking up my books from the hold shelf. Is there anything more exciting than a stack of unread books? The potential, the untapped ideas, the thought of sitting out back with a book and a glass of wine. Heaven.

3 Door Armoire
via The Paris Apartment

3. Armoires. I’m obsessed. Antique shops, Craigslist, even Google Images. I found an antique one with 3 doors on Craigslist a few weeks ago – “the one that got away” – and now I’ve turned into a Craigslist stalker. Will let you know what I find. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep adding images to this Pinterest board.

Cubanos are pressed sandwiches with roast pork, ham, pickles, cheese and mustard.

4. Food. Thursday night, Husband and I had a date night, and we decided to go see a movie. We can’t actually remember the last movie we saw together, which tells you it’s been ages. We decided on Chef. It was a fun movie with beautiful shots of food that made me want to empty the entire contents of my fridge when we got home. Husband pulled together a little snack with pesto before I had even said goodnight to my friend who was babysitting. I had to talk myself out of frying up some bacon before I went to bed.

5. Summer Plans. I’ve never done a Summer Bucket List (this one is so cute), but I’ve been thinking we might need some structure to our days. Thinking about field trips and library days and Book Time and other touch points to add to our days and weeks. (Checking out some good Northern California day trips on this blog.)

Tell me, what’s on your mind this week? Projects? Summer plans? I’d love to hear.


One thought on “five things

  1. Nicole, you never cease to amaze me, with all the things you do. The Ribbon Chandeliers are so pretty, but you did not mention a trip to Tennessee for your summer  fun.It is so much fun to me just to see what you and your husband, BB and BG are doing.                 Love Jean


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