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31 Days: Creative Habit – Day 23: Fine Memory Earrings


I asked some friends on Facebook yesterday to help with the “Mint Gray” necklace. I knew there was a word for the color of the beads, but I couldn’t think of it. I seem to have poor memory skills these days. (Is that just because I have two little ones? Will it ever return? Maybe I don’t want to know the answer?)

I remember my PreCalculus teacher in high school telling us that we had 10,000 (that number could be wrong – I don’t really remember) song lyrics in our heads and that we’d need to dispose of a few of those in order to remember PreCal equations. It’s safe to say I’ve disposed of most of those equations, along with song lyrics, titles of books, favorite recipe measurements (Hot Fudge Sauce – I have to call my friend, Audrey, every. single. time I make it), names of people I know (so embarrassing), birthdays, well, you get the idea. (I asked Husband to help me with this list. Me: “What are things that you forget? Like song lyrics, books you’ve read….” Husband: “I forgot what I was doing two minutes ago.” I love him.)

As for the color name, my Facebook friends came through with flying, uh, colors:

  • Seafoam Gray
  • Sage
  • Oyster
  • Silver Moss

Yes, all of these are so much better than Mint Gray! Thanks, friends.

As I was dropping BB off at preschool this morning, a friend asked if the earrings I had on were the matching pair to the necklace from yesterday. Nope, but brilliant idea.


Ta-da. Sage Oyster Silver Moss Minty Seafoam Gray earrings.


(It also appears that I’ve disposed of the knowledge of how to make earring hooks. I taught myself in January, then promptly forgot. I had to spend some time practicing with floral wire today. This floral wire is Forest Green. I know that one.)

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