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31 Days: Creative Habit – Day 13: Creative Nap?

So, yeah, instead of getting right to work on something today, I took a nap. I’m not going to make an entire post about a nap. (I already did that here.) It was pretty much the same as before: glorious and much needed.

But then I woke up and wanted to do SOMETHING. I’ve been making a lot of jewelry lately (which I LOVE), but I feel like I need a change. It’s time to get started on Halloween costumes. So I went in the garage in search of fabric.


Half an hour later I emerged with the box I went in looking for originally. Opening boxes after a move is like Christmas morning – you have no idea what it’s going to be, there’s something “new” (at least something you haven’t seen in weeks), and it’s probably something you’re going to be happy to find.


When we started packing up, I had 3 boxes labeled “sewing projects”. This isn’t just fabric waiting for a project (I’ve got a couple of those boxes, too) – these are actual projects I already know that I want to complete – a sewing to-do list of sorts. There are so many possibilities in those boxes – a shirt that needs tweaking, a couple of dresses that need to be tailored, a dress I want to completely refashion, the list goes on and on. I kind of want to dive into those right away, but none of them have a deadline like Halloween costumes, so that’s where I’m starting.


So, I have no “after” photos for you today (I’ll save it for the “big reveal” later), but I’m here, planning and cutting away. I feel so happy to be doing sewing projects again. But that might be the nap talking.

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