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31 Days: Creative Habit – Day 6: You Can’t See Me


So, I got a pretty good night’s sleep finally! It’s been a LONG week and weekend, so when nap time hit (my “creative habit” time), I was ready to make something, but something small. (My skirt will have to wait for another day.)

A few weeks ago, I added “camo” to my thrift wishlist. I didn’t even really know what I wanted – just something camo – pants, a shirt, something. I haven’t been able to find anything.

But last week, I was at Target, looking for something for BB’s Halloween costume. (Yes, there will be costume posts in the future – you know I love a good costume.) I saw they had camo t-shirts in the little boy’s section on clearance. Clearance at Target is almost as good as thrifting. I wanted it to be a little drapey, so I got a boy’s XL.


And that’s just how it looked – like a boy’s shirt – sleeves too long, neck too high, not super flattering. (Yep, that’s a streaky mirror. My tripod broke, so I’m resorting to selfies in a mirror and having Husband snap some photos.)


I used my rotary cutter and mat to chop off 4 inches on the sleeves.


Then I used scissors to carefully cut away the neckband.


The way this t-shirt is constructed, there is a reinforced seam at the back of the neckband. I just left this intact and cut above it.


I took scissors to the waistband hem as well.


I’m not going to hem the edges because, with jersey, there isn’t really any fraying. If you pull at the raw edges of jersey, they will just curl up. That’s why I love working with t-shirts.


After cutting off all the hems, the t-shirt has a much more flattering silhouette.


I had Husband take the after photos. At night. In bad lighting. Most had children running through them. Or my eyes were closed. Also Husband is significantly taller than I am, so I look very short in all of them. This one was the best. Seriously. (On a related note: Do you have a tripod you love? What kind is it?)

And that bracelet? It’s a score from the Rummage Sale. It came with the necklace and a pair of clip-on earrings. I bought several other vintage jewelry pieces (I know, it’s a weakness), but this bracelet is my favorite.

PS – I’m thinking about doing this with this shirt:

via octane

Have you ever tried it? How did it turn out?

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