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31 Days: Creative Habit – Day 5: Step By Step

I’m staring at the page, waiting for words to come, but I’m so tired. I’ve gotten about 5 hours of sleep the last 3 nights. That’s 15 hours for 3 nights, and the goal is 16 for two. It’s like I missed an entire night’s worth of sleep in there.

When we moved, I had two boxes labeled “sewing projects”. These are things that I’ve either thrifted or found in my closet that would be great if only (fill in the blank). At nap time, I spent some time checking email, and then I went into the garage to find one of those boxes.


I remade this dress earlier this year, and while it was pretty cute, it’s not super flattering. So last week, when I added “navy knit skirt” to my thrift wishlist, I remembered this dress that I had packed away to refashion at some point.


I got it out of the box, and I cut the bodice off. (Yes, that’s a pink zebra-print balloon. It was my birthday last week, and that’s one of the many balloons BB and BG helped Husband pick out for our little party.)


Remember how I’ve been working on the Rummage Sale this week? Yeah, I’m really tired. So cutting off the bodice felt like an accomplishment. Step 1 of something creative, if you will.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something else. But it probably won’t be the dress, because it sounds a little overwhelming right now. My brain need something easy. Like maybe cut and paste.

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