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31 Days: Creative Habit – Day 4: Country Comes to Town

So, over the weekend, BB and BG and I went to Sacramento for the Walk to Stop Diabetes in support of friends of ours. When we pulled into the parking garage, we saw some other friends parked right next to us, so we walked with them to the Capitol for the walk. Along the way, BB kept saying, “Look at that skyscraper! That building is the most ginormous building I’ve ever seen. I LOVE coming to the city!” I told our friends it was apparently Country Bumpkins Come to Town day. Really, he was unbelievably excited. (And clearly he has no recollection of ever going to San Francisco. Apparently we don’t get out much.)

photo (7)

This is the only photo we got from the day. Trains are still pretty awesome around our house.

I’ll be honest, every day isn’t a raving success on this “creative habit” journey, but I think just showing up and doing work is the most important part. (And I’m sure once the Rummage Sale is over, and I finally have time to read The Power of Habit or Creative Habit, the authors will support me on this.)


Take today’s project – a pair of earrings. I like them, and I’ll definitely wear them, but they aren’t like my favorite Leather Clutch or Pebble Necklace or Delicious Autumn Necklace. But I feel like the wonderful projects that work out better than you even imagine them to be don’t teach you as much. What can you learn if it’s perfect and amazing on the first attempt?


But today’s project did get me thinking a little more about photography – I mean, have you ever tried to use a self-timer to get close shots of your ears? I’ll tell you, it’s pretty challenging, if you’ve never tried it. So I think my creativity was stretched even more on documenting the project than the project itself.

That being said, I still like these earrings, and I’ll definitely wear them.


I started with pieces leftover from this project and some ear wires I made here.


I started by just attaching the hoops to ear wires, but I already have a pair of very similar earrings.


I used gold filled wire and a champagne-colored bead to connect the gold circle to the ear wires.



When I put the earrings on with the gingham shirt I had worn all day, I totally felt Country Goes to Town. But that’s okay with me because, clearly, it comes naturally in this family.


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