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Best Thrift Score Ever? (or Why I Love Vintage)


Just popping in to tell you about a great find I thrifted yesterday. Yep, that’s right, took a few minutes out of our 4th of July celebrations to hit Goodwill. Did you know many thrift stores have 50% off sales store-wide on holidays? It’s usually a mad house (yesterday was no exception), but that’s usually when I score my best finds.


I’m a little obsessed with clutches. I always check this section to see if there are any vintage ones. I’m not snobby – I like the 70s vinyl ones as much as I like the older bejeweled ones. Yesterday I scored both.


This one is fun – I’ve been looking for a nude clutch for a while, and this fits the bill perfectly. The 70s vibe is just a bonus. (Yep, there’s the cat. Apparently my thrift finds were very intriguing to the little ones in my house.)


And then there’s this one.


I just grabbed it because of the sequins and beading and the $8.25 price tag (making it just over $4 with 50% off, of course).


But when I got home, I did a little more investigating. The tag is interesting. “British Crown Colony of Hong Kong”? I’ve never seen that before.

In my searching, I found one other “Weinstock-Hale” bag (this one on ebay). The label is identical, so mine is most likely to be from the 60s.

sacramento 2

Then I found this article about Sacramento’s Finest Department Store and read a little of its history. With lots of buying and selling and name changes, it seems the store was only called Weinstock-Hale between 1965 and 1967. This clutch is almost 50 years old, and it is practically in perfect condition.

And this is why I love vintage. Whenever I find a really great old piece, I imagine its story, its history, how it was used and loved. This time, I found a few extra facts about it, and that makes me love it even more.

Local friends: Anyone remember this store in Sacramento? I think I’ll take a trip to check out the former home of my lovely little clutch.


PS – A few extra photos of my finds:


Apparently, BG loves vintage, too.


She couldn’t resist touching all the tiny beads, trying to “style” the shot with my lens cap, and making sure her hands were in most of the photos.


These bright yellow beads were tempting as well.


10 thoughts on “Best Thrift Score Ever? (or Why I Love Vintage)

  1. Looking at your beaded purse made me find my similar beaded one which was given to me the year I got married (1969) but it just says “made in Hong Kong”. It was probably purchased at Marshal Field’s in Chicago. I still use it for dress-up affairs, including my daughter’s wedding. So keep this purse and use it and someday carry it for your daughter’s wedding.

    I’m not sure I will last until my grandchildrens’ weddings, but the purse probably will.

    1. Gail, thanks for sharing the story of your beaded purse – I love it! Now I will definitely plan to use it at my daughter’s wedding – she apparently already approves. :)

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