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Thrift Scores

I know, posting two days in a row, don’t be shocked. And also don’t expect a post every day – I just can’t handle that kind of pressure.

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No, I’m just here to show you a few of the cool things I’ve scored recently that don’t need to be added to my project list – they are great as-is. I mentioned yesterday that I’ve found some good stuff at our new Goodwill (my guess is they are “stacking the deck” – no matter, I’m taking full advantage).

Remember my messy kitchen counter? And how I got it in great shape? Yeah, it didn’t stay that way very long. But when I saw Emily’s kitchen counter organizer, I was sure I could find something similar.


Ta-da! Lovely vintage file sorter in great shape.


I also found this vintage wall file for a whopping $5. This cat came along for free. Just kidding, this cat is ridiculously expensive.


I googled it when I got home and found one similar on eBay for $40.


Sidestory: “Thrift Shop” is one of BB’s favorite songs. He’s got a top 5 that includes Pink, The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Macklemore (clearly the edited versions), and Chris Tomlin. Yep, pretty well rounded. We’re in a thrift store a few weeks ago, and he breaks out with “I’m gonna pop some tags….twenty dollars in my pocket….I look incredible – like The Hulk, Mommy!” and does the most amazing dance/superhero moves I’ve ever seen from him – and he’s had some good ones. I don’t have my phone to record the beauty, so I just stand there and soak up the moment.



Anyway, brought home the “Mad Men”-era desk accessories and tried them both out on the counter. This one was the clear winner. I didn’t even paint it – I left it just as I found it.


Well, except I wiped off the price tag. Did you know you can remove permanent Sharpie from most items with a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol? These are the kind of tips you can learn from a former teacher.


I got to work filling up the little shelves – phones and a basket of markers and crayons on top, paperwork for Husband in the middle, paperwork for me on the bottom.


Then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest a few years ago on how to keep phone charger cords in place – binder clips. You can just remove one side, slip the cord in, put it back in place, and clip it wherever you want. Brilliant! Husband was not nearly as impressed with this as I was.


It’s been almost a week, and the counter has stayed clear of clutter since then.

It looks incredible.


5 thoughts on “Thrift Scores

  1. Very good idea! And looks so neat and organized! Come home and organize your mother’s house, please.


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