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Good(will) Grief

Well, still no projects happening around these parts, but soon! Our days have been pretty full lately, though. We recently took a road trip to Southern California.




It was full of all the beauty and mayhem you would expect with spending MANY hours in a car with two children.

photo (5)-001

photo (6)

We’ve also been too busy painting (with fingers, brushes, and toes) and making tape mazes on the floor to remember to use the nice camera, so much of our life’s documentation lives on my iPhone.


But the big news for today is that we just got a new Goodwill in our city! Very exciting, and apparently well advertised, because today was opening day, and it was packed!

I’ve been hearing about the new Goodwill on Pandora for weeks, and I, of course, had it’s Grand Opening marked on my calendar. I had high hopes.

photo (4)

And today definitely didn’t disappoint. Merchandise was arranged well, with every section stocked and items placed in color order. The store has the look of a boutique, with green mottled concrete floors and textured yellow walls. Even the handbag display, which can look pretty cheap at a thrift store, was pretty. Time will tell if it stays in this condition beyond the initial weeks.

I know I shouldn’t have gone on opening day, but I couldn’t help it. BG was up from her nap early, so there was plenty of time to make a quick run before picking up BB from school. However, it was apparent that they didn’t have a plan for checkout. I was in line to check out with my few items with PLENTY of time to spare, but the manager decided they should try to combine the two lines that had formed into one line, which didn’t work, so he sent us back into two lines, allowing people to cut line with abandon. So I was starting to get a little nervous, but the lines seemed to be moving fast, so I stayed put and willed the people ahead of me to finish their transactions quickly.

BG and I made it to the car and were on the road quickly. I could tell that I was going to be about 5 minutes late. But that was before I hit every red light between the store and school. Of course. This is the first time I’ve been late to pick BB up.

We ran inside, and BB was the only kid left in class. I felt terrible.

BB: Where were you?
Me: I was stuck in line checking out.
BB: But where were you?
Me: I was at a store.
BB: But which store were you at?
Me: Um, well, actually I was at a thrift store. (I explain to his teacher that BB LOVES thrift stores and likes to go with me.)
BB: But what was the thrift store’s name?
Me: Goodwill.
BB:The NEW ONE? You went to the NEW one?

Thank you, Pandora.

Oy. Did I already mention I felt terrible? I’ll have to take BB on an outing there soon. Although, I didn’t see any children’s clothes or toys, so I’m not sure what the plan is for that. I’m sure he’d rather go to the other thrift store in town, anyway, where he thinks the back area full of toys is really just an outdoor play area.

So what did I score?


Well, I’ve been desperate for shorts, and I found a cute, cheap pair, and I wanted a silk blouse in Kelly green (I know, I’m obsessed), so when I found this oversized one with a navy and green print, I went for it.


Check out these vintage buttons!


And really, who would pass up this “Linda: Fashion for Ladies” designer label?


And this. I really can’t explain.


Maybe it’s all those years of dance recitals and sequined costumes? I don’t know. But at $7, I couldn’t pass it up.

Please, someone have an ’80s party soon. This shirt is just begging to be worn.


7 thoughts on “Good(will) Grief

  1. you are so funny! i had not heard about the new goodwill. thanks for the info. :) i hope you find an 80’s party or, heck, just start taking dance classes again..
    you are all set! :)

  2. Love. :) I also love hearing stories about your little man from Mark. You can tell him that Mark got an extra cell phone from his mom. I heard he was really trying to help him find the phone store.

  3. LOL love that you did go! I had it on my calendar too, but with the recent happy news, I just didn’t have it in me to go. LOVE that BB loves thrifting too!


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